Wake UpAmerica Is Coming Out!

If you like freedom Wake Up America and make some changes !

Wake UpAmerica is coming out of a very soft lunch, But I would not say they are new. If you are from N. Carolina you my know the name and organization.

Hey America Wake Up!

Hey America Wake Up!

Pete and I talked to the Will Head Founder/President of Wake UpAmerica last night. I was impressed with the plans for political activism that are in the works and that they have proven they can get results. N. Carolina was run by the Democrats for 140 years until W.U.A. came along with a plan to Wake up the people and they did now N.C. is a Republican state.

If your sick and tired of the direction this great country is going. You are ready to stop just talking about whats wrong and do something about it then Wake UpAmerican might be for you. Now its just my opinion but I think W.U.A. can make some big changes in the political climate. But they are going to need help, lots of help because they are going national. July 4th 2013 is the expected launch date. Its also going to take dedicated people to grow it to the levels it will take to make these changes.

I am not part of Wake Up America at this time but I probably will be soon. I have to clear my plate a bit to have the time I will need to do justice for this cause. Writing a blog and talking to people is just not enough. Don’t get me wrong I will continue this blog and the podcast as well.

Its worth a few minutes of your time to check things out.

Update: I’m in and if you are ready to make a difference I look forward to working with you.

If you have had enough and feel it’s time to make a stand.Then Wake Up America might be for you. If you want to share your passion with others and be compensated then you can join as a Waker, if you just want to get the word out and help us get the word out them we have a plan for that as well.

There are whole business’s built around our politicians and to sway public opinion. Most Americans have no such tool and are left out. We feel we can not make a difference.

This is just the reason behind W.U.A. and its founding. To give the average American a voice by using the same tools the the political machine uses: Professionally designed radio, television spots, print as well as online advertising all focused on the important topics we care about. Click the link or the banner above to find out more. Wake UpAmerica Team


5 thoughts on “Wake UpAmerica Is Coming Out!

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  2. Great Article Steve We Started a Team Site for our Team for Wake Up America. Our Team Members will be getting massive traffic from our Group Site its Called Wake Up America Team

  3. Awesome to see Politics & Preppers, Prepping for the Paradigmatic shift in this battle to win the war against tyrannical factions that have gained control over many aspects of the People’s White House. It’s time for some house cleaning and nullification of every un-constitutional order enacted upon. GODS SPEED Brother & Sister Patriots GODS SPEED!

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