SRT Water Purification

Emergency Water Filters and Storage

You will need some way of disinfecting the water no matter how much you filter it. Don’t take the chance of illness or death. Bleach, Iodine, purification tablets are the easiest but boiling the water is good as well. I suggest you get to know this information well. If you don’t have water you don’t need anything else.

Water Bottle Modification

You can take this same set up but use 5 gallon buckets.

Gallon Bucket with Filter Bag

How To Store Water

You can also use test stripes that you just dip into the water, pull them out and read the results.

The Life Straw and filters like it are in my opinion for last resort use only. I don’t trust them to clean all the organisms out of the water. For last resort its OK

Berkey Type Water Filter

This one will cost you some $$ but is does work well and easy to store. Just let it dry over night before you close it up and put it away. You can do it with one filter as well just take longer for the water to filter. I would make two separate units with one filter in each.

By the water if you choose to use the ceramic type filter don’t back flush it with pressurized water. ย Trust me I found out the hard way.

DIY Bio Sand Filter

This can be done with 5 gallon buckets as well. I like the buckets you can put the bleach or whatever you need in one bucket the filtering media in the other. Works for bugging in or bugging out.

All if this is to get you started. The videos are not the only way to purify water but it will get you thinking. I bet you can come up with ways to do this with very little money and the more money you save the more you can spend on other things you need. Keep in mind this step is important so treat it that way. Please research this topic and become a expert. You life may depend on it.

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