The Unicat Prepper Vehicle

High End Bug Out Vehicle: The UNICAT Expedition

UNICAT Expedition Prepper VehicleMany preppers out there are on the look out for the ultimate Bug Out Vehicle. When a major crisis occurs, you want to be prepared in the best way you can. It’s going to be very likely, especially if you reside in an urban area, that you’re going to have to ditch your primary place of refuge – that is, your home fortress. It’s imperative you have the best survival vehicle so you can leave to save yourself and importantly, survive in extraordinary conditions.

Well, you’re in luck, because the best Bug Out Vehicle money can buy is none other than the UNICAT Expeditionary Vehicle. This is the best and coolest one to get if you’re rich. It’s a monster of a vehicle, built on a truck chassis, and will literally take down anything in its path. It guarantees you refuge, safety and survival. The UNICAT comes in different models, customized to provide you with a survival vehicle how you like it.

So what can you expected from the UNICAT Expeditionary vehicle? Pretty much everything that makes it the perfect prepper vehicle. A standout of this awesome vehicle is its amazing all most 2000 mile range, thanks to its 2×120 gallon gas tanks. You can drive through anything with this monster truck, whether its road, desert, rugged terrain or water up to 4 feet. It offers the best security you can get, with extra cylinder locks and retractable bolts to secure the doors, as well as theft-proof windows. You won’t have to worry about electricity as the UNICAT features roof-mounted solar panels to power the vehicle. There’s also global communications equipment in addition to a top-of-the-range entertainment system to entertain you when you need. It prepares you in every way possible.

This survival vehicle really is the perfect choice for survival. It has plenty of storage space and can carry enough supplies to keep four occupants going for more than three months. It has a 110 gallon freshwater tank as well as an RO watermaker that allows you to decontaminate and desalinate water from virtually any source – these features will keep you from running out of water. There’s also a military-grade first aid kit ideal for most minor emergencies and a full set of tools for practical safety purposes. You can also equip the UNICAT with a BOV (bail-out vehicle) thanks to the motorcycle/bicycle rack at the back, if you need to make a clean getaway.

Although its rough on the outside, it’s fit for royalty on the inside. Yes, even in the midst of disaster and apocalypse, we still appreciate comfort. The UNICAT treats us to ultra modern, comfortable living quarters that boast a full kitchen, bathroom, shower and private master bedroom. You don’t have to worry about the living interiors twisting or breaking because UNICAT vehicles have a proven three point kinematic attachment system that enables chassis flex.

When the time comes, the UNICAT Expeditionary Vehicle is what you want parked in the garage. This super cool Bug Out vehicle has it all to provide you with the best transport for making your getaway. There’s nothing like this monster Prepper vehicle. With its impressive build and features, it is guaranteed to keep you alive and well when disaster strikes.

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