Rokon Great Prepper Vehicle

The Rokon 2WD Trail Bike Bug Out Vehicle

Rokon Trail BreakerI got a chance last week to try out the Rokon  (roke-on) 2wd Trail Bike it is amazing. It would make a great Prepper vehicle or if you prefer Bug Out Vehicle for Preppers that want a trail bike. The new version is much better than the old one I road years ago. I hated the original but this one I would get if I was a 2 wheel vehicle kind of person.

I like to be out of the weather and 4 wheels under me. I’m not saying your wrong if you don’t agree with me and in fact bicycles, motorcycles and 2WD Trail Bikes like this Rokon do have some advantages. I put this bike thru everything I could find in the hill country North of San Antonio Tx. except water. We just did not have any available. I wish we would have it was 94, humid and I could have used a dip it a cool stream. The Rokon is said to float and I’m sure it does.

Rokon ScoutI wish I had video but this chance to test the Rokon 2WD Trail Bike was not planned, it just fell into my lap while visiting a friend. Maybe I should keep a camera with me all the time. I did find a video that very much represents my test ride. If you like 2 wheeler’s and you want a Bug Out Vehicle this might be for you. Along with its wide tires it also has racks you can stow your bug out gear on. Enough if you plan well could keep you in the back country for weeks. If that’s not enough I think I saw a trailer on the site.

I see it referenced to as the Rokon 2-Wheel Drive Motorcycle but I like trail bike. It does do a number on the back trails. If you want more info just click here it will take you to the Roken site. Just a little note I have contacts with this company. I just thought it would be something my reader might like.

I looked around for prices and found it for $6,495.00 I will leave it up to you to decide if it’s worth it. It was a lot of fun and it goes a lot more places than the ATV’s I’ve been on.

Rokon Ranger

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