Could Be The Ultimate BOV

The Quadski could be the ultimate bug out vehicle!

Quadski The Ultimate BOV

Many have their own ideas of the ultimate bug out vehicle and will not agree with me on the Quadski. The price $45,000 could pay for several old 4×4,s without electronics ignition and no computers which could be disabled by a EMP. I won’t argue with anyone that disagrees with me on this one.

The Quadski can go from land to water and from water to land by the flick of a switch. 4 wheeling to wave running in seconds and if you had a trailer that could be towed on the water you could arguably have the best BOV on the market. One thing about it is all the parts that could fail but then again most bug out vehicles have plenty of parts that could fail.

I won’t go into all the technical stuff here. I just wanted to share this B.O.V. with you and I will leave you with a video. You decide if I’m right or wrong. Comment and let me know what you think.

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