Bug Out Vehicle May Be The Answer

Preppers A Bug Out Vehicle Could Be Your Ticket To Safety

Bug Out Vehicle

In the face of a man-made or natural calamity or disaster there is always a possibility of moving from one area to another. This is to make sure any sign of threat or danger around your area will be avoided as early as possible. Thus, in addition to your transportable bug out bag, you may have to prepare a kind of bug out vehicle perfect enough to carry your entire family and of course your needed stuff when the time comes that you really have to leave your place of refuge. With a bug out vehicle, the tendency to be trapped in a dangerous place will surely be evaded.

During major disasters such as economic collapse, nuclear or any chemical fallout, urban unrest, viral pandemic, and so forth, there is always a need to move to another place far enough that cannot be reached by the effects of the disaster. In this unfortunate scenario, the question is whether you have the means of transportation to carry out your plans. With a reserved vehicle that is always in great condition to be used in times of urgent evacuation, your family’s probability of survival is incredibly increased.

A lot of people advocating bug out vehicle would suggest four-wheel drive SUV’s and trucks. As normally featured in 4×4 SUV’s and trucks, they have much better mileage and off-road abilities, more comfortable and are relatively safer. However, in the event of a nuclear disaster, survivalists tend to favor a much older vehicle over modern 4×4 SUV’s. This is because in a nuclear explosion, there are electromagnetic pulses that might only severely damage a modern vehicle. Basically, a much older vehicle lacks a lot of electronic components that may be damaged by the electromagnetic pulse.

There are several vehicle models that are considered to be great bug out vehicles. The list includes the Sportsmobile 4WD Adventure Vehicle which has an incredibly reliable off-road and on-road performance, Jeep Wrangler which is almost unmatched when it comes to off-road capabilities, the Campa EVS which features better carrying capacity and efficiency and many more helpful features, and so on and so forth.

The list can actually go on. However, what is more important is that in choosing your bug out vehicle you have to carefully consider a lot of things such as its fuel capacity and efficiency, whether or not it can traverse extreme terrains, its towing and seating capacity, its price, its speed and range, whether or not it offers great comfort especially in long hours of travel, and whether or not it includes sustainability features.

In addition to all these, your bug out vehicle must always be well maintained, keeps a full tank of fuel, keeps the necessary tools and spare parts and other extra tools such as a shovel, axe, or saw for other necessities that might come along the way. If it is possible you may also add some modifications to your bug out vehicle to make it more reliable.

Prepper Vehicle

This video is just to get you thinking in the Bug Out Vehicle mind set. Thier are many opinions and we will look into them in future article.

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