Bicycle For Your Bug Out Vehicle

You might choose a bicycle for your bug out vehicle.

Bug Out Bicycle for your Bug Out Vehicle.

A bic might be right for you as a bug out vehicle, it is light cheap and easy to store away. You can adapt and modify to your situation. If you want a back up just in case you can’t use a automobile for one reason or another or you could want a bug out bic as your primary bug out vehicle it just depends or your situation.

Let me remind you of a couple of things. You better be in shape, you won’t get very far when SHTF if you try bugging out and being like me and out of shape. You will also be exposed to the element which in many parts of the country can be fatal in short order.

Here’s one more point Preppers if you get one like the one in the image above you will probably not live long if you are in a area shared by other humans. Not only is it a mod of transportation which will make you a target on its own it advertises I have stuff that you need so kill me and take it! I am a firm be leaver in staying below the radar as much as possible. Anyway you can get aย bicycleย ย from yard sales any weekend and do your thing on the cheap.

Here’s a couple of videos on the Bug Out Bicycle

I do have a couple of bic’s but they will not be my first pick.

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  1. Hi all. Today I would ask? Is this actually a perfectly composed article. I am guaranteed to search for more item plus get back to discover more of this valuable info. Appreciate the Bicycle For Your Bug Out Vehicle post. I am going to definitely returning.

    • No I would have to say its not a perfectly composed article but thank for the comment. Apparently this person is not from the US so I did my best to make the comment understandable. Hope I did it justice.

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