ATV Bug Out Vehicle

The ATV Bug Out Vehicle For Preppers

Polaris ATV Bug Out Vehicle

Polaris ATV Bug Out Vehicle

The ATV might be a choice for a Prepper Bug Out Vehicle that fills your needs. This would not be my first choice but I can see it being a good pick for some. I know I’ve said it before but so many decisions are made by what situation a Prepper see’s as the most likely for his or her circumstance and should not be taken lightly. Many mistakes will cost money you may not be able to afford and some might be deadly.

If I were to get a ATV as a bug out vehicle it would have to have some kind of protection from the elements. It could be removable as you see in the photo above of the Polaris ATV or it could be a cab type as in the video of the John Deer ATV below with cab. As of now I lean to the John Deere Gator XUV 855D Diesel 4×4. Part of this decision is I only need a two setter and I like the bed on the Gator. Being diesel I feel it gives me more options. The bed also would be a asset with room for survival gear, food, water, ect.

With theย Polaris it would still be possible to haul gear but you would probably need a trailer and I don’t like the loss of maneuverability that trailers bring with them. It would be very difficult to haul one on my alternate bug out route and this route would be the only reason I would have a ATV bug out vehicle. As of now the only way I have to travel this route are my feet. This I am not looking forward too. Luckily I walked it many times as a young man and don’t feel the need to scout it. Younger legs in the family have done it for me.

Choose your bug out route, now it well and make a informed, educated decision for your bug out vehicle. Keep in mind you need alternate evacuation routes when it comes time to decide.

I am not endorsing either of these vehicle ย and have no affiliation with them. This is just my opinion and I am an expert at my opinion.

I do realize Polaris has other models that have some of the opinions I said I would like in a ATV used for bug out vehicle but I will stick to my choice as stated in the article.

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