Survival Scenario and Training Videos For Preppers

Survival Scenarios your may not have thought of.

I found this series of videos on YouTube from SouthernPrepper1. I’m putting them up here to help the Prepper group i’m working with. I figured all they have to do is click a link in the email I’m send out to each of them. The series of survival Scenario’s and Training videos is I think well wroth the time spent and even if you don’t agree with everything in them i’m sure they will get you thinking.

The first video is about a survival conference. The 2nd video is the start of the playlist, that I think you will enjoy. Just let the video run through, shortly after the end of one video the next will load and start.

I hope it will get you thinking as it did me. For those in our group I hope to talk about this set of video at our next meeting. I hope the whole group will watch and think about what we may face if WROL ever happens.

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