Politics and Preppers Podcast Episode 49

The Politics and Preppers podcast is back starting with episode 49

JP Enterprises reduced power sping kitAl and I talk about several Prepper topics starting with JP Enterprises reduced power spring kit. It lowered the stock / mil spec trigger from 7.0 lbs to 4.5 lbs. and 3.5 on some triggers. Polish the trigger part and your done. Save money with this DIY spring kit and trigger job and spend it on food. Its not that hard to do and you can find many video on Youtube that walk you through it.

Al talks about his re-chargeable battery project that includes a diy solar power to supply power for the batteries. Several different aspects are discussed on batteries as well as solar cells and solar panels.

Al also talked about his very affordable early warning system he uses around the house that is also portable and can easily be used in a bug out, around camp or at your bug out location.

I talk about E-Cigs and their place in the Prepper community. I’m using them to quit smoking and can see a place for them to be kept for a SHTF situation.

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