Bill Nye The Fake Global Meltdown

Bill Nye the fake science guy is back with another fake on man made global warming.

Bill Nye The Fake Science Guy

Bill Nye is no scientist, he does not even have a high IQ! It seems the only people he’s smarter than was some of the kids that watched his show Bill Nye’s The Science Guy. He is how ever a nut case man made global warming idiot that is back with a new show called Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown.

In the past he has blamed mankind for a none existent global warming trend. That people like Al Gore and governments around the world have stolen millions of dollars from people by hook or crook. Mostly crook!! Bill Nye is either a idiot or a lier, I suspect he may believe what he say’s which puts him in the idiot side of the fake global warming scam.

The man is an actor ! Not a scientist ! He does not even have a high IQ but he might be a little smarter than a few of the kids that watched his TV show.

Global Cooling Consensus! Ice Age Ahead!

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