Reasons Non-Preppers Could Be Doomed…Why It could be a matter of life and death.

Excuses people have not to be a Prepper can explain why you should. Its not rocket science. A while back a friend and I talked of how many people in the U.S. have actually done any significant preparation for a real disaster. I’m not talking about a couple of cans … Continue reading

Doomsday Preppers Three Things You Should Ask Yourselves!

Preppers where will you draw the line and take a stand? I found this interesting article on the three things Preppers should ask themselves. Myself and a couple of Prepper friend have been talking this topic over recently  Our discussions have primarily been on one main topic covered in this article … Continue reading

Doomsday Preppers Have It Wrong ! Start Prepping With Common Sense

Don’t get crazy about Prepping! Slow and easy is the way to go. Getting started as a Prepper is not like they show on Doomsday Preppers.  Doomsday Preppers National Geographic show seem to go out of the way to show Preppers as crazy and well lets say not very smart. … Continue reading

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