Reasons Non-Preppers Could Be Doomed…Why It could be a matter of life and death.

Excuses people have not to be a Prepper can explain why you should. Its not rocket science. A while back a friend and I talked of how many people in the U.S. have actually done any significant preparation for a real disaster. I’m not talking about a couple of cans … Continue reading

Doomsday Castle Videos and Trailer

Doomsday Castle Videos and Trailers: get them all in one place. Doomsday Castle Season 1 Episode 1 Before The Flood. Full Episode This is the episode the started the hit show off and introduced us to this family of Preppers that intend to complete the Castle that Brent Sr. started … Continue reading

Doomsday Castle Episode 3: Paintball and Family Feuds

Just when will the Doomsday Castle defenders learn to work together? In episode 3 of Doomsday Castle we still have a family of Perppers that are more worried about themselves than the goal of surviving SHTF. But really I think Brent Sr. set this path when he challenged the family … Continue reading

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