To GMO Or Not To GMO

To GMO Or Not To GMO! Preppers you may face this question someday.

GMO ZoombiesA few day’s ago I went shopping with a Preeper friend. He has been focused on Prepper toy’s instead of the basics like food and water but after some convincing we got down to the problem. The problem will be apparent as I fill in what happened on the shopping trip.

We, the three of use decided to buy bulk at Sam’s club and divide it out. Our friend which is the topic of this post ended up with nothing because of GMO. His thinking is he will only stock up on non-gmo foods. Now that in it’s self is no problem but as we talked I found he is not leading a GMO free life style now so why only stock up on it and not on the things you eat now. In my way of thinking you stock up on thinks you will use now and rotate these things out, which means you will always have new stocks of emergency food and not a lot of old food on your Prepper Pantry.

GMO or no GMO

I have none GMO seeds stocked up and am starting to avoid GMO foods but my stores are not purchased for health reason alone except to have food available until I can grow my own. My garden we stared this tear is a Non-GMO garden and as we can things my food stores will reflect that. I tried to get my thoughts on this though to him but all I got was “you have to be comfortable with your purchases”. The main problem is he still has no emergency food put away and may not for some time to come. Yes you can get just what he wants but the cost is high and he is on a tight budget.

Now who’s wrong here? Well that’s not the point. Its just different thinking from different people and the only real reason I even posted this is to get the Readers of Politics and Preppers to think about what they are doing from time to time. Evaluate and re-evaluate as you learn. You will grow, you will learn and you will find yourself wondering if its time to change something here and their.

I want food and water first then I will look into more healthy way’s of dong things and as I use up my pantry I am rotating more health items into it. I hope my friend finds someplace to get in bulk the emergency food items he want’s and I will be looking into it myself. That’s it for now but I get the feeling I’ll be back to update and share what I find. To GMO or not to GMO! I think not but it may take me some time to get their.

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