Your Preppers Lists Is Here

Your Preppers List Is Here! Now What You Going To Do? 

Prepper Procrastinator

No one can make you start filling your list but it won’t be my fault or anyone else. You have to decide it’s time, you have to be the one that figures out just what are the correct Prepper supplies and plan, that fill your individual needs. I can help you get started but the rest is in your hands. How many times have you put something off just to find it was not that hard or that bad once you got into actually doing it?

If you have been following this Preppers blog you know I have been a Prepper for many years. But when I got serious about it a few years ago it was not easy to change the way I was doing things, like spending my money. Even how I spent my time needed to change. I admit I put things off, not wanting to give up some of my fishing trips, TV show and change some of my reading habits. Once I started I found it made me feel more in control of my future and the well being of my family. I even enjoy it.

Preppers list getting started. You might decide to tackle this list by jumping in with both feet and getting it all done at once. Or you can break it down into weekly or monthly steps. That is all up to you.

1. Head to your favorite grocery store and load up on say 20 pounds of rice. Brown or white will do but brown have a shorter storage life but it is more nutritious than white. I did my shopping at Walmart and Sam’s Club but others in your area will do. It took me two pay checks ( 1 month ) to get this done. I was not yet committed. If it takes you that long it does not mean you are a failure it just means you need to commit yourself.

Olive Oil2. On your next trip pick up 10 lbs each of cornmeal, white or wheat flour, 5 lbs. of sugar white, 5 lbs mixed beans, one gallon of Olive oil I don’t like Olive oil but it can be frozen to extend its shelf life don’t forget the iodized salt 5 lbs will do. Here if you have some other herbs or seasonings you like that store well, this would be a good time to pick them up as well. I had a couple of things I like that don’t store well long term so I just rotate them in and out as I use them.

3. On your next trip stop by the canned foods aisle for canned fruits and canned veggies, 20 of each will do for now. You can cut back on the numbers if you are on a tight budget. Just do the best you can. Stick with the things you like, if you don’t like them now you won’t like them later. You will be stressed enough in a emergency why add to it.

4. You could pick this up on the same trip as step 3 but we are being budget minded and I like budgets they help keep thing organized. The canned meat area is our next target is the  canned meat aisle to grab a few cans of canned meat. corn beef if you like it (yuck) tuna, spam, salmon, and stews. I’m sure their are others so substitute as you please.



5. Peanut butter I love peanut butter and it’s a great choice for the Preppers Pantry. Its easy to fix, labeled shelf life is 2 years or so, I found it will store much longer if stored correctly but why take a chance. It never last that long around here anyway. A forty ounce jar or two will do for starters but if your like me it won’t do. Last year the price was very high and I got through it no problem but the pantry was getting low.

6. Its time for some beverages. No not the adult kind, that come later. Pick up some Tang Orange. It’s not bad tasting and it provides badly needed vitamin C, you might get to craving something besides water. I’m not a big fan of Kool-Aid type drinks but the grand kids are, so you might grab some. What ever number seems right for you and your family.

7. Next stop pharmacy. You will want some good vitamin and mineral supplement. I get the ones for men over 50 for myself and some for the kids, as well as some that my wife takes. Sounds like lots of money? No not really if you already take them and if not, you might consider it. If you are already taking vitamins just add some extra and rotate them out. When in a stressful situation your body uses up the vitamins and minerals much faster thus the need for back-up.

8. Off to sporting goods we go! Guy’s don’t get distracted here this is important in fact this is the first thing to do if you elected to take this Preppers List serious but one step at a time. Water! Water is number one, nothing will help if you don’t have water. Grab a few 5 gal. buckets and lids. The number depends on your families size. Water is cheap and with a little thought you can come up with many ways to store it.  The buckets are to get you started so fill them as soon as you get home. You do not want to forget this step.

9. If you are a non gun type person you will want to skip this step but I strongly suggest you re-think your non gun attitude if you are truly interested in prepping and survival. If you are serious then you must think something could happen and if so you could need to protect your family and emergency supplies. Pick up some ammo, 200 round is a start but get more when you can afford it. Get and learn how to use a gun before you stock up on ammo.

Quality LED Lite

Quality LED Lite

10. We are now at number 10 and still in sporting good and are after a good high quality LED flashlight, the best you can afford. I opted for one such as above but found a 8 pack of small LED lite’s at Tractors supplies a while back. I keep them in various places. Extra batteries and bulbs should be added and box or two of water proof matches. Here again you should rotate your batteries so date them and organize the by date.

This top 10 Preppers List is to get you started. I would suggest you just jump in and get this done. Modify it for your situation but don’t think it over to much or to long. The list will cover most basic need for most Preppers. You can come back later after you have learned enough for good decisions to be made for your situation. Their is much more to learn but this will put you well above most people and could save you and you families lives.

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