Will All Preppers Die In SHTF ?

Here is the title that got me. Why Most Doomsday Preppers Wiil Die !

Really Stankmouthcharlie do you think all the Preppers are idiots that have not thought about gangs or groups that might try and take what they have. You admit you are not prepared so I take you are not an expert or perhaps not even a novice Prepper. Just because you out number someone does not mean you win. All emergency situations don’t turn out to be something you have to defend yourself. Most knowledgeable Preppers understand safety in numbers but they also understand travel might not be a option in some situations. I know you said you were role playing in you first video but did you have to go racist on use? For example you said you would get together with your black brothers. My group has white, black and Hispanic in it and we understand its not about color but knowledge and skill sets.

Preppers will they be coming for you ?

Its impossible to prepare for ever scenario and unless you are rich cash will limit how much you can do. This means many people will prepare for what they think is the most likely situation and start with that, as time and cash becomes available more prepping is done and more scenarios are covered. You talk about travel to a designated location a lot but in my humble opinion travel is probably going to be one of the most dangerous things a Prepper might do. Of course that does depend on the conditions of the emergency. At the same time staying in your home or town might be just as dangerous and many may die no matter what they do. It is also true that the gang or posses you talk of will pay a big price when they take on people that are ready to defend themselves and many Preppers will destroy what they have before letting someone take it, knowing it would just fuel more violence. I personally know several people that are sure they would never survive for one reason or another and would be happy to give thier life to take out others that show themselves to be thieves and or killers. I pose the question stankmouthcharlie just how long do you think a group such as you describe would last if everyday they put themselves in a violent situation.

I pose a secondย  question if I kept talking about my white brothers, my white posse, my white gang would I be a rascist?

If you are going to bring together 40 or fifty people and find some land for your group to live on you better put more thought into stocking up on supplies. If its not at the location you have picked to go and settle into you have to take it with you, either way you will need a lot of supplies just to get though the first year ( that is if it is a long term survival situation ) unless you plan on taking it from other and if that is the case you will need a lot more thanย  50 because you will loss many of them very quickly and become the hunted not the hunters. It takes a while to raise a crop and a lot of land to hunt for 50 people.

You talk about the Rambo or Clint Eastwood Prepper in your third video I know the type and agree with you but at the same time I don’t consider them Preppers just nut cases that should be ingnored. At they same time a know a couple of guys I would not what to take on wvwn with 50 people. Just a note I am using your number just to have a number to use. You also seem to be of the opionion all Preppers are stupid and they think they have all the answers, it it true some come across this way but I never take them seriously and if anyone has this type in the group dump them as fast as you can. I really don’t know any preppers personally that don’t understand that all groups that might try to take what they have will be untrained idiots. I understand that no matter what I do it might not be enough but likewise doing nothing is not an option for me and won’t stand back and let it.

If your point in the video is to get people to really think and plan and to piont out some of the things you feel many people are missing I aplaude you but at the same time I feel you are a city boy that believes all the counrty folk are hicks and idiot and you look down on them. I was raised in the country for the most part and have been a city dweller as well. I am of the opinion that counrty folk have an advantage over the city folks but to date don’t know of anyone that thinks just because they can shoot or hunt means they will survive.

Why most Preppers will Die if SHTF Part 1

The more I listen to your videos the more good things I hear. I think thier might just be more to you than meets the eye and I don’t mean this in a bad way. Stankmouthcharlie I don’t know if I can explain this as well as I would like but I’m going to give it a shot. Never under estimate your enemy or a ability of man to do terrible things. The more I listen the more I get the idea you might be falling into the same trap you warn others about. You seem to be leaning toward the idea you have got it all figured out, this my friend will destroy your chances of survival if SHTF!

Stankmouthcharlie I made a few judgements about youย  from watching and listening to your video and might a have been wrong on some but do’t we all judge other people in some way and I’m just not sure of just what I think of you. But you probably don’t care what I think of you anymore than I care what you think of me. I do applaud you on getting my attention and enteetaning me with your opinions.

I included a couple of Stankmouthcharlies videos if you want more you can find them on youtube.

Why Preppers will Die if SHTF Part 2

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