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My First Encounter With A Texas Prepper

Central Tx. Flood

My 1st encounter with a Texas Prepper was a long time ago. So long ago in fact I’m not going to say! It serves to remind me of just how old I am getting. But maybe with time I have gained some knowledge worth sharing. I’ve been a Prepper long before I knew I was. They called it a Survivalist at the time.

The resent heavy rain fall got me to reminiscing of the flooding in Central Tx. about 1989. We have been going through a Drought the last few years but the last weather pattern looked much like the one in 89 except it did not stall out, it kept going. Although we need more rain we don’t need a flood.

I was still a kid of about 13 and we had just gotten back to Texas from a sentience of  4 yrs deployment to Washington DC ( Dad was Air Force  ). D.C. felt like survival training in itself. One of the old timers here was recounting how his family of ranchers had gotten thru a Texas Drought years earlier.

Part of that strategy was being a Prepper although again that was not a term used back then. But Preppers they were and a family of Texas Preppers remain. They put away food, money and many different supplies they might need. I’d say that’s what a Prepper does. They even doubled the size of their Ranch with in a few years of the end of that drought because they ended up in such good shape at the end of the drought. While many others lost all they had and moved off.

Now the resent rain is what triggered this memory. The same family learned more recently that the right weather pattern in the area they had built a homestead on is in the 100 year flood plain and for that matter the 1000 year as well, which we got both in just a few years back in the 1900’s. They did learn it the hard way but no one got hurt, so they did as we all do they learned from this a went on.

Preppers StockpileThis flooding added another strategy to their Prepper plan and that was the Bug Out Bag. Such a flood would trap them on that ranch for day’s with no way to town. They did have food storage but if the house flooded, well then the emergency food did as well. So the Bug out Bag was added and a Bug Out route to higher ground and a old rock cabin was devised. They repaired the cabin but could not supply it do to the fact it was on State property and the Game Warden had warned them against it. So the Bug out Bag was the answer for them.

5.11 Multicam Rush 72 PackThe emergency plan payed off after the 100 year flood, when the 1000 year flood rolled it to town.  They made it to higher ground and back home safely when the waters receded. The house was a mess so they rebuilt it and some years later moved the homestead to higher ground about a 100 yards from the Bug Out Cabin they had previously used. They still keep up repairs on the old cabin to the dismay of  government officials.

Natural disasters are probably the most likely reason to Bug Out and the flood is one of the most common reasons for leaving. A Bug Out Bag gets it done.


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