So Prepper You Want SHTF

Some Doomsday Preppers Want SHTF ! Or Do They !

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I met my long time friend at the Live Oak Gun Show this weekend, the show was a bust over priced items feeding of ammo and gun accessories. Price gouging is my definition of $10 to $15 a box of 50 22’s. I just can’t buy at that price and I can’t see how anyone does.

That’s not the reason for this post. It is about my friend and a buddy of his that I have never met.I got to know him as much as one can in a hour and found I think he is a good guy and I know why my buddy likes him. My friend must have good judgment he like me! Well anyway as we left the show we stopped out front and talked for a few minutes and them the subject of SHTF came up. It seems they both kind of look forward to the day it happens. I for one am not! I like my cool house in the summer and my warm house in the winter. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a country boy and like hunting, shooting camping and from time to time a real rough it trip to west Texas. I mean a real rough it trip.

Back to the topic at hand of looking forward to SHTF. My buddy has stated he kind of looks forward to the collapse but over time my reminding him just what that really means has softened his shall we say eagerness. As we talked the friend just did not seem to understand just how hard it would be and when I tried to fill the information gap in I got the impression he is so convinced he had it under control and was completely prepared for what might come. Now this is my opinion so please keep that in mind. It is that kind of person that I would not want to be around when or if  S did H The Fan. Over confidence is a killed. Remember the old adage. Never Under Estimate The Enemy and if things went bad here in the USA you might not know just who the enemy is.

I’m going to work on him some if I get the chance and I would not both if I did not think my friend buddy was worth the time.


I could tell he is no dummy, it might just be he has never given what a collapse means. I mean what it really means in detail. Like I said earlier I like my AC and here in south Texas the summers can get brutal with 100 plus day and not much of a break  at night not to mention the humidity. Let examine that aspect. I think for even the most prepared Preppers being able to supply the energy needed to run a AC unit would be a huge drain on resources. Even if you had solar power and wind generation with a gas or diesel generator back up. Just how long would it be before you needed more fuel, replacement part or the wind mill or the solar panels. Even a generator needs replacement part.  You might think it would not take that long for the country come back from SHTF situation and you might be right. Well you might be right on the button but what if your wrong ?!!

Sometime find a nice quite spot, if possible someplace no one will disturb you for lets say 30 minutes and really go thru all of it. Think it over hard and long. If you still wish for SHTF then I have failed in my attempt to change your mind. But if I have succeeded in changing you mind then you will perhaps fins the time to fight back. Work to expose the truth and defended the Constitution and fight against the people that would destroy the way of life we have worked so hard for and the freedom so many have fought and died for.

I think I should add just one more thing. I understand the felling of just let it happen and get it over with. It going to happen anyway so lets get to it. I’m so tired of worrying about it and no one will or can stop it. I understand all of those statements but I refuse to give up until it does happen. Then I will deal with whatever comes and I’m sure you will as well. But for the sake of all those innocent people who will die it SHTF lets try and turn the country around !!

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  1. You are right big guy, it will not be pretty. Those who have not seen war will never get it until. . .then it may be too late for them. The thing that saddens me is, how many will be sacrificed on the blood altar of Satan before we stop them? I would recommend prayer for all and that it does not come to our shores, amen.

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