Reasons Non-Preppers Could Be Doomed…Why It could be a matter of life and death.

Excuses people have not to be a Prepper can explain why you should. Its not rocket science.

Why not to be a prepper.

Why not to be a prepper.

A while back a friend and I talked of how many people in the U.S. have actually done any significant preparation for a real disaster. I’m not talking about a couple of cans of food and a gal of water and I’m not talking about Doomsday Preppers or Doomsday Castle type’s. I mean real honest common sense prepping!  We have both heard 1% but I think it might be more like 2% but either number is dis-heartening! I can’t grasp the thinking of people that just don’t get it, even after all the example here in the U.S. alone.

In talking with people I’ve heard a lot of Excuses even the old one. Why would you have extra food stored up? All you have to do is go down to the grocery store and buy some.! I’ve heard this one more than once. Oh their are many excuses and every time I think I’ve heard them all someone comes along with a new one.

I’m going to share some of these reasons ( excuses ) with you today.

1. I’ve got plenty of time. Nothings going to happen soon. I can start prepping tomorrow.

Can anyone say procrastinator! I’ve heard this one from people that I know are not normally procrastinators. Sooner or later tomorrow arrives. By the time a national emergency has enough people scared enough to start their Preps its most likely too late. The best time to start your prepping has past but now is a great time to start. Everyday that passe with no emergency supplies put away get you one more day closer to its too late. Its not that hard and its not that costly. It will take a load off your shoulders even if you don’t know it yet.

2. If a emergency does strike my community will get together and save the day.

This is nice and has happened many times but in a big disaster it just won’t be enough. A little reality check might be advisable. Super storm Sandy and hurricane Katrina are both examples for disasters  that the community could not handle. Time and time again human nature has disappointed those that have depended on the good will of others. Depend on yourself and a few trusted family or finds is much more reliable.

3. My area is safe. It;s never going to get that bad here!

No one and no place is immune to devastation. Even if the area you live in is not directly hit by a large scale emergency it could be cut off by one and drive reality home. The reality of watch people you love die in your arm is part of what people have a hard time dealing with but yet that is just what can happen for those un-prepared. No place in the world is safe from pandemics, terrorism or natural disasters and living like it is, is delusional.

 4. This town has plenty of supplies for everybody if something happened.

If you never be through it you can not imagine how fast store can be wiped out of food and supplies in the event of a disaster. You see trucks come and go daily supply store with product most of use take for granted. But in fact these stores are very limited and from what I’ve researched grocery store have at best 7 day’s of food. How many generator do you think the hardware store keeps in stock. Sit back and think about it for a minute or 2, I think you will come to understand.

5. How bad could it be? My area will recover from it quickly and things will be back to normal. 

Tell that too the thousands of people that did without electricity in the north for months and water for even longer. Perhaps you would like to tell so many of the Katrina survivors that thought the same. History has recorded many event that are hundred or thousands of time worse than we have seen in our life times that government could not handle and that could kill off thousand if not millions of people. The worst hit will be those non-preppers which are the topic for today. Remember Fukushima? It is still a threat to millions of people and is not over yet. It as of this date still could get out of control and is not making the news.

6. I have family in other areas I can stay with in other areas if shtf.

You should not depend on family or friends. They may not be able to do so not to mention the possibility you might not be able to get to them. Your car or truck could brake down, the road could be unusable or the powers that be could have them closed down. Bugging out is a measure of last resort in most situations. Staying safe in your location should be your first goal. Bugging out can be the most dangerous thing you could do even if you have it well planned.

7. That survival food stuff tastes bad. I don’t think I could eat that stuff.

Yes some of the long term survival food is not the best tasting but when you get hungry enough you will eat. It doesn’t have to be that way. Some of the survival food is very tasty but you don’t even need to go that way. Some of your every day foods like rice, beans flour and cornmeal have long shelf life’s if stored correctly. Canned food you may already use can  be stocked up and rotated out. A little thought on your part here could get you a month or more worth of food stores with very little money.

8. There is just too much to know about preparing. I would rather take my chances nothing will happen.

Yes there is a lot to know about prepping but you don’t have to know it all. Simply putting away a few cans of food and some water along with some toiletries will put you in a better place than most people. A months worth is not going to take that much time or money. Just buy a little extra each trip to the store and in no time you will be in a better position to survive. I’d venture you will even feel better knowing you have it.

9. I don’t have enough room to store extra supplies.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to someones home and in minutes showed them how wrong they where. Under the bed, in closets, organizers that make great use of space already being used for food storage. I’ve seen and used units that hang on the back side of doors that hold a lot of food. Many homes have dead space that many just don’t think about. A friend of mine live in a small travel trailer that has 3 months of stored food that he rotates out and you don’t even see it when you go the visit.

10. I just don’t have a clue of what items to store and how much.

How much to store is not so difficult as it may seem. Just look at what you use each day, then multiply by 30 day’s, 60 day’s whatever goal you have in mid.What to store? Think of those things you need every day. Buying as you normally would just buy a little extra. The same friend that lives in the travel trailer would buy toilet paper once a month, each time he would take one role and put it in storage. Soon he had more than I thought he would ever need. He told me he could not face the end with a dirty back side. Here’s a little advise put away some baby wipe. You might not have the water and the wipes will clean much better.

11. Preparing for the worth is just plan negative and if I stay positive then positive things will happen. 

This one is so ridiculous its hard to know if its worth a reply. Ignoring the negative won’t fix the problem and it won’t go away.  Tyranny can’t be stopped by turning the other cheek. Hoping for better times can’t stop a economic collapse and wishing a storm has not worked in the past at least not that I can attest too. Prepping won’t stop any of the above but it can give you and your family a better chance at surviving it.

12. The government tells me all I need is a three day emergency supply, so that’s what I have.

The fact is many emergencies have shown that 3 day’s is mot enough. Katrina alone is proof of that. We could go into many more but why waste your time. I suggest a 30 day’s of emergency supplies is a more realistic goal. Some disasters are of such scale that it has taken up 2 weeks for a large scale response from the government.

Being without essential supplies just does not have to happen. It just takes a little time and a little thought. Its not rocket science as they say. Just a few dollars a week can in time get you and your family to a preparedness level that most people will never achieve.

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