Ready Your Bug Out Bag Prepper!

Preppers have your Bug Out Bag Ready your life is in your hands.

Bug Out Bag ContentsEvery state has its public services ready to help citizens in cases of disaster. However, there can be situations where help can arrive late. What can you do if this happens? Having Emergency Bug Out Bag nearby can be a your life raft, at least until you receive the needed help.

When readying your emergency Bug Out Bag Content, you should keep in mind to pack things that will be useful to cover injuries and other basic things that are essential for your water, food, shelter, lighting and communication needs. As the number of your group grows, the amount of supplies will also increase. Therefore having a proper count of the household or group members is necessary.

Not including proper water and food (its worth saying again food and water) can be a major problem when in an emergency survival situation. Many supermarkets would have food that is clearly marked ‘ready to eat’. Since these packs of food come in lightweight containers, carrying them around can be easy for anyone. Apart from having mineral water bottles, your emergency survival kits could also have water filter pumps as well as water purification tablets.

When it comes to survival gear, what most people would have is their first aid kit. When faced with emergency survival situations, finding medical help can be rather difficult. The answer to this problem lies in the emergency disaster kits. Since the first aid kit and other medical supplies are already packed in, you can be sure of getting at least the immediate medical attention.

Most emergency Bug Out Bag Content would include the most important items such as  dust masks, a first aid kit, radio, batteries, sleeping bags, a flashlight,etc. Since there wouldn’t be any electricity, walking around at night can be difficult unless you decide to carry along a good set of light sticks.

Having a Bug Out Bag ( BOB Bag )ready could be your best chance of survival. Inform each group or family member about where it can be found in emergency situations. This would be good foresight before disaster strikes.

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20 step Bug Out Bag checklist that you can build on weekly. 


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