Questions For Serious Preppers

Problems For PreppersAre you really serious about Prepping for survival.

This goes beyond the Prepper that is just interested in short term emergencies although some of what I am going to cover could play in those situations as well. I will admit right from the start I am struggling with some of the topics in this post. I am not the only one too cover these issues but I do have readers that might not have reached the point that they have given serious thought to them.

So just what are these important issues i’m talking about? 

I’ll start with the worst one I am struggling with, which is smoking! I am at the point that I know I should quit and have needed to for years. It costs a lot of money I could do more important things and if my wife and I would stop this stupid habit we could have a little more than $300 more a month in the bank or perhaps more cash to throw at my solar and wind off the grid project I’m working on. Neck I could probably come up with 100’s of better way’s to spend my cash.

I has addressed the smoking issue some what by having extra tobacco in mason jars. Which by the way could be a great barter item. I even got some E cigarettes which could be charged from my battery bank or from my inverter or USB adapter that plugs into the 12 volt outlet in my vehicles. All of this is just a band-aid and does not really deal with the problem. But I am hoping to resolve this issue and hoping to be a non smoker in the very near future.

The second issue for serious Preppers is alcohol.

Alcohol abuse might be a better definition. I see no problem with drinking but I bet someone will comment that drinking of any alcohol is a terrible thing. I’ll take this opportunity to say if you make any comment such as this please resist the urge. No I used to drink more than I should have but have dealt with it. I still drink from time to time but not much. Heck a six pack will easily last me a couple of months and even then some of that is shared with friend when they stop by. As for hard liquor fifth of Turkey will last me years. Hard liquor is another great barter item and I do have some put away that I may not ever use. Liquor has medical and cleaning aspect as well and should be part of your Prepper supplies.

Health is another important topic.

Has with many people I am out of shape and over weight. If I had to bug out on foot it would be a problem. I could and can walk for miles but in rough terrain I have my doubts just how far and how fast I could go. I am not on any med’s but many are and this could cause serious problem especial for those med’s that need refrigeration and how many people actually put extra away for emergencies. I have noticed that some insurance companies now want you to get 3 months at a time, which could cover short term emergencies that is if you are not near the end of your stock when SHTF.

How about drug abuse?

This for many could? I’m not even sure how to cover this one! If you are abusing drugs you would not have then stocked up! I doubt most addicts would have the will to stock up and stay out of it. I don’t have any advice for those that fall into this group except its time to make some big changes, that is if you are serious about being a Prepper or survival if things went seriously wrong.

So how do you resolve these issue well that one is on you. I can’t tell you how to do any of them. Its up to you! Are you a serious Prepper and do you have the will to survive. If you are and you do you will figure it out and find solutions.

One more thing. If you dip or chew your not off the hook. You still have issues to deal with. For those of you that have other problems and you know who you are. I’m not forgetting about you but I can’t cover everything in one post so maybe I’ll come back for more in a future article.



These inverters come in handy for a lot of things. You can run power tools, refrigerator, Tv, radios ect.

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  1. I really like some of your videos. My husband and I are new into prepping. We have only been doing this for two months. We decided after the chemical spill in Charleston West Virginia we better be doing something to help ourselves. Thanks for the great videos and advice. Joyce Jenkins

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