Preppers This Is My Way Of Storing Flour Long Term.

My way of storing flour long term is nothing new but it works for me.

Many people store their flour long term in bulk ie. large quantities that have to be opened and closed every time you need it. I do have some stored in this manner but this article is about long term storage with a bit of prepper bart and convenience of re-stocking your shelves with ease.

Deni vaccum sealer

Deni vaccum sealer

Flour will be a great barter item if the time ever came to a long lasting shtf type situation and my way works well for the Prepper that is on a budget and buys smaller quantities at a time. Small packs of flour take up more room to store but I’m not targeting the Prepper that is into having multiple years of food stored. Well at least not with this post.

Some people store wheat grain long term and I see nothing wrong in that but grinding wheat into flour is a lot of work particularly if you don’t have power and do it by hand. You will need a sifter for the flour stored in the manner I use but its much easier and save a lot of time in meal prep. Flour will compact and need sifting after vaccum pack storage.

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