Preppers List Of Mistakes

Prepper Mistakes: Preppers List of 13 Unlucky Mistakes Preppers Make.

I’ve heard statements like if you are lucky enough to survive when SHTF you will need. Avoid this Preppers list of mistakes and make your own luck.

The Government will take care of you!

1. Having the Prepper gear without knowing how to use it correctly.This is a common mistake new Preppers make almost every time. Don’t feel bad even many more experienced Preppers make this mistake.

2. Underestimating that other humans can be a threat. People are generally trusting and in our society that is OK for the most part but if a SHTF scenario does happen other humans might be your worst problem to overcome. If you trust too many people with your information it could come back and bite you in the end.

3. Identifying the most likely risks for their situation and prepping for them first. It still happens more than I like to see but this Prepper mistake seems to be on the decline, at least I am seeing it less. With that said it still happens enough to be high on the list.

4. Not knowing how to properly store food supplies. Many new Preppers still fall pray to this one. Just buying emergency food supplies will not get it done if not stored properly. Its like flushing your hard earned cash down the toilet.

5. Dressing Up. You know the type! Dressed up like they are going to war. Someday it might be appropriate but for now its not. Spend your money and time on thing of more importance.

Dehydrated Water

Dehydrated Water

6.  Not Stocking your Prepper Pantry with a variety of foods. Rice and beans are OK but man does not live on them alone. Its not health and it will lead to moral problems. If SHTF it will be mentally difficult enough. Stock up on things you know you will eat and like as well.

7.  Over reliance on the experts. Don’t always believe the experts. No one know’s it all. Prepping is not a one fit all proposition. You are the best judge of whats best for you. Learn, plan and re-evaluate from time to time.

8. Water, water and more water. Ignoring how important water is. Lets just say this Prepper mistake will make all other failures un-important.

9. Buying preps with money you don’t have. Buying preps on credit is a mistake! Make a budget, buy with cash and stay on budget.

10. Buying cheap preps. Buy the best you can afford, cheap can get you dead!

11. Buy multi purpose Prepper supplies whenever possible. Easier to keep organized lighter most of the time and takes up less room. Most of the time.

12. Failing to inventory food supplies. This may not seem that important but it is. Keep track of your inventory and keep it organized.

13. Preparing mainly to bug out rather than bugging in. Bugging out is my last resort. If I don’t have to leave I won’t have to face all the extra dangers bugging out will bring into play. Make a plan for both.

The video below is not me but I did like enough of what he had to say to share it.

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