Preppers How Barter Will Shine If SHTF !

Moonshine barter could take you to the top if SHTF



No Prepper can do it all so Barter might be one of the top answers to long term survival. As things settle down after a major social and or Government collapse, particularly in a gov. collapse since Moonshine is illegal. Alcohol has been in demand for thousands of years and will continue well into the future and is not that hard to make.

Bartering with Moonshine could be one of your answers to obtain things you will need but not have access to or knowledge to make yourself. It can fuel your stove, power your motors, clean wounds, treat sore throats and well just say calm your nerves. Shine can be made from many things, grains, fruits, nuts ect and fuel grade shine can be produced from a variety of things that don’t make for good Moonshine. It also is not for all survival situation a Prepper might find him or herself in.

Shine takes heat to make and many heat sources not a efficient way to make Moonshine in a world that is rebuilding or just in survival mode. For those that find ways to produce the heat needed for this proccess it could be a viable way to get items needed by Bartering.

I started a project a couple of weeks ago to find out for myself just what it takes to make White Lighting.  These days I don’t drink much just don’t enjoy it like I used to and if you are thinking of Moonshine for bart it would be a good idea not to drink up your stock. $50 worth of Stainless Steal Cocking Pot and copper tubing along with a themometer and heat source such as electric hot plate, propane stove or even a wood burning stove will take care of you still. Sugar, Stilled water or good clean creek water, yesast, and corn meal get you a base recipe for Moonshine.

I’m not going to do an instructional video but Youtube have enough to get you though it. Below video is a good video but you can make it from simpler ingredient.

Moonshining 101

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