Preppers Crazy Like A Fox

Yes You Should Be A Prepper

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone say something along these lines when talking about the new Prepper show’s on TV and quiet frankly farther back than that.  These Preppers are crazy! I don’t understand why people use these  type of terms so generally. Are some Preppers crazy well heck yes but they were probably crazy long before they became Preppers.

What Makes A Prepper Crazy?

If I told you told you tonight a Ice storm was coming through the are and all roads would be closed for at least 3 day’s would you stop by the store on the way home and stock up on the you know your family will need. I think the answer would be yes. Hey guess what your a Prepper just not to the degree some Preppers get to.

How many of us have emergency funds in the bank, deposit box or maybe a home safe. If I put 5 dollars in it you would probably think it not enough. If I had $1,000 you would not think me crazy. If I had $10,000 you might be jealous.

Maybe It’s Not The Preppers That Are Crazy

So I guess the question would be just how much of a emergency fund would it take to make me crazy? I think that is a question that would be answered differently by just about everyone I might ask. So the important question here might be. What will you do with all that money if you can’t get anyplace to buy supplies or if none is available.

I think perhaps the crazy one’s are those that don’t prepare and them beg for help from someone that has. Even more crazy would try to take by force from a Prepper.  A little food for thought many Preppers over prepare just to help friends and family that think they are crazy for being prepared.

This Prepper video is not me but say’s it well.

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