Homesteader vs Prepper. I had to Know!

The difference between a Homesteader and Prepper. I found my answer.

I’ve heard the term Homesteader used a lot over the past few years. I was cruising the net and ran across it again but this time I decided to see if it was all about what I thought it was. The term Prepper seems to have some negative cogitations in some circle which by the way I could care less about. However some people put a lot of stock into what others think, and for some finding a alternative word to describe what Preppers do is away to make the topic more palatable in those who think negatively of the Prepper term.

I’m not a Doofus! I just did not know.

So I set out to find just what is a Homesteader and I did. I also now know what a noob is. So shoot me I did not know. It’s not a crime just a flaw in my education!

I found my answer at her is a excerpt for that article

“The homesteaders seem drawn to this self-sufficiency because they wish to live more holistically with the world around them; having first-hand experience with their food sources—be that through organic gardens, animal husbandry, or backyard chicken coops—and revisiting the home industry of their forebears. Many of them spin their own yarn, sew their own clothes, and make cheese from the milk given by a few goats or sheep that they keep on a small plot of land. They save their seeds, sew quilts from old clothes, and spend weekends canning and preserving food so they have a hearty bounty to draw from over the winter months.” Read more at

It seems the two are about the same, just why they do what they do is the dividing line. Here something to think about you find Preppers talking about Homesteading and a lot of Preppers are looking for Homesteads. I’ll leave it at that for now.


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