Homesteader Prepper: How To Build A Top Bar Beehive

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If you are into gardening you might also be interested in Bee’s. They pollinate your plants but they have other uses, such as Honey.  Honey can be traded for other things of use, that is if you have enough left over from you own use. Bee’s wax is good for many things but I won’t go into that much detail here.

You may have heard that Bee’s have been under a lot of pressure from many sources. I don’t know how much of it is from humans and how much is just mother nature doing her thing but for whatever reason the Bee population has suffered and is in decline.  With all the benefits bee’s can bring with them why not have a beehive of your own. I have heard it is expensive and difficult.  I can’t’t speak from experience so I have found and am about to share some of what I have found.

Some people tell you how hard it is and some people look for easier way to do what they are interested in. I like the easy way when I find it. Some people are into making $$ off you and other people just want to share what they know. I’m here to suggest you do your research well before you decide to go with bee keeping and keep it small at least until you know what its all about.  I found a lot of free information and it didn’t take all that long so unless you just like to spend money I see know reason you should.

Here are some resources:

The Barefoot Beekeeper:

Make your own Honey Cow (Top Bar Bee Hive):

If I find more worth sharing I will update from time to time.

How To Build A Top Bar Beehive

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