Heres Your 1st Sign: Tidal Wave

Here’s Your Sign to Get A Bug Out Bag ! Don’t Be Too Late !

The first reason on the list is the Japanese Tidal Wave. It took many day’s for the Japanese gov. to get help to all the people that were caught UN-prepared for this huge catastrophe. many people where not prepared and some suffered miserably do to this fact.

If you see this it’s too late to buy a Bug Out Bag that might save your life in a tragedy such as this. This is Here’s Your Sign! Reason number one to Get a Bug Out Bag. If that photo doesn’t convince you watch the video following video maybe it will help.

I think the photo and the Video of the Japanese Tidal Wave say’s it better than I can. But just in case I am doing a series on this topic. It might be one a month or once a week it just depends on my schedule. So stay tuned. If you are not a Prepper yet it might be time to think it over real hard!

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