E-Cigarette For Preppers

The E cigarette can be a great Prepper tool.

EVOD E-CigMoney can be a big obstacle for Preppers on a budget and regardless of what cigarettes cost in your area being a smoker can be very costly. For me it was $300 a month and that’s not including my wife’s smoking which was about $200 a month. No I ask what would that kind of money do to a Preppers budget.

For me it means more ammo. food, and more back-up emergency power. But the best thing is it a gift that keeps on giving and in time it will help pay for whatever I want. Heck $500 buck a month could pay for a BOL.

Here’s a few other reasons for e-cig’s.

That high tax that’s charged on cigarette’s by our money hungry politician’s will stay in your pocket and not pocketed by them.

If shtf and others near and or dear to you need help your e-cigarette’s can help.

Barter with those who have the addiction.

At high rates nicotine can be used for a insecticide. If you decide to go the diy e-liquid route as I did you can have the materials to make your own and the concentrated nicotine will store for very long periods in your frig. or freezer.

Stored in a freezer it can have a very long shelf life. From what I have researched possibly on the indefinite storage life. http://www.thevapersden.com/index.php?topic=3078.0

I store them in the freezer. As long as they are brought to room temp before opening them, the liquid will not absorb much water from the air. I pull out one bottle at a time for juice making. I just pulled out a 100 mg VG bottle stored since January, and it has not even discolored compared to the original very slightly yellow, as in VERY slightly yellow. In my freezer, PG and VG do not freeze (I have some DV PG juice stored too), nor do they expand. VG becomes VERY thick, like rubber cement at the temp of my freezer. I have not tested for nic content, but the juices I make now are in my opinion no less potent than when I got the juice fresh.

Here’s what I have learned for experience with e-cig’s and quitting smoking.

I started this journey a couple of years ago with those expensive electronic cigarette’s a couple of years ago. N0 7 Premium E-Cigarettes these are costly and don’t work that well. Yes they do look like a cigarette but is that worth the extra cost?  I’m won’t go into a long drawn out discussion on them. I’ll just say for me they were a waste of time and money.

Now lets jump forward a couple of years and talk about the EVOD E-Cig I’m using now is a much better product and cheaper by a long shot. Their are many types of e-cigs on the market and most good shops have a variety that you can try before buying. I suggest you try as many of the as you can. You might even spend a couple of hrs on the net researching before you ever go to the store.

I’ve spent enough time on this but I hope if you will consider what I’ve said and I hope the information will be of some help.

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