Contingency Project For Your Off The Grid Power Needs

 Emergency power project you might not have thought of.  How many ways to get your emergency power needs, can you come up with? I’ve come up with a few that you might not have thought of. Emergency power project you might not have thought of.

Emergency GeneratorI was sitting here tonight contemplating all the project I’m interested in and all the one’s I need to do but have less interested in. In pondering all this I thought I would get a list of things together, share it with the Self Reliance Group ( Prepper Group) and see who might be interested In what projects.

My original plan was just going to send out a email to them but figured why not share it with everyone that finds it. It might give some of you some ideas to add to your list, like you need my help! If your like me you have a list that could keep you busy for years. If I could only work on survival project full time I doubt I would ever get done.

It seems to be a never ending thing but that’s all right its interesting, fun for the most part and important which is strange, Its not that often you find all those things working together. A Bad Day Of Prepping Is Better Than A Good Day At Work.

Well enough of the why’s now to the what’s!

The first Prepper Project is a solar and wind power project backed up with a gas generator.and battery back-up. I think most of the guy’s know about this project but I’ll share it here anyway.

Prepper Off The Grid Emergency Power Project Part 1

The second Prepper project is DIY how to convert a gas generator to propane without a costly kit.

I found a couple of videos that seem to work and if anyone has done this and know any pro’s and con’s on the topic please share it with use in the comment area. I will share one of those video’s below. I just don’t see the need to spend a couple of hundred bucks on a propane conversion kit on small generators that don’t cost much more than the kit.

Buy the way I like small generators that won’t consume a lot of fuel. In a emergency I would use it to charge batteries if needed, run the well and run a small window unit that cools and heats. With the conversion I could store less gasoline which is a hassle and propane stores for a long time. I don’t know how long it takes for a propane tank to rust but that’s probably the limit on propane storage.

Convert a generator to natural gas or propane for just a few dollars.

The next project is The Rocket Stove which come in various sizes of which you can do yourself or buy them. Their are variation of which can be used for cooking, heating ( mass heater rocket stove I think is the name ) and a variation called Gasifier in which you can run generators all the way up to auto engines. Some of these can get to be big and involved not to mention costly even when using used parts.

Some of you might ask why I am so involved with emergency power stuff? Its interesting to me for one thing but I live in the southern part of Texas and it gets hot and very humid here, it makes for some really rough day’s and night’s. I have more reasons than that but we’ll get back to the points of this article. Below are some videos on the various version of Rocket Stoves.

I know how to build a brick Rocket stove and have collected most of what I need. So it looks like a do it yourself Rocket Stove is coming soon.

How to build a better brick rocket stove for $10

Rocket Mass Heaters: A better burning wood stove

I really try to avoid groups that use the term going green, green energy, sustainable and other liberal terms. They are usually a bunch of liberal nut cases. However this video seems to do a good job on the Rocket Mass Heaters topic so here it is. You can make any size you need for your purposes and many types of materials to construct them. You can make them mainly out of metal if you have the skills like welding but if not you can go with brick’s and use less metal, no welding with just a few cuts to your metal parts.

Truck Runs on Wood Gasifier

I don’t think I want to tackle the truck project in the video below but the gasifier can be built to run generators, tractors and other small engines which fit well into my plans and is interests. With this video I just wanted to share just how far you could go with it if you were so inclined. Saving the gas, diesel, propane and natural gas for as long as possible is my goal and this unit is just one way of doing it.

Methane Biodigester How To

This video gives you a good idea of what can be done and explain it well. Here again you can make a Methane Biodigester yourself and to the size you need. It can be a simple design or more complex you can even buy a unit. These Methane Producing Bio-Digester
can as well run generators, small engines and cook stoves to name a few uses. The gas can be stored in propane tanks, heck the other day I we checking on how to compress the gas for storage and found it might be possible to compress it with a air compressor many of you already have. But don’t hold me to that, I need to check up on that further. I can see some possible problems in compressing the gases from a biodigester and the same for the gasifier.

The other day I was talking to some of the guy’s about the need to solve the problem of bio waste matter at the BOL, this digester could be a big part of the answer. Methane gas, compost and nutrient rich water ( fertilizer )  are all by-products of the methane biodigester.

Lastly their is the Hydrogen generator.

This project I’m kind of on  the fence with. The Hydrogen Generators a takes a lot of power to run and might just not be efficient enough for me to mess with and it could be considered a we-bit on the dangerous side but that might be a little of a overblown reaction to some stories I’ve heard in the past. Done right it might be safer than some of what I’ve read. The gas can be stored and used on day’s that little wind or solar power are produced. If you have wind and solar power already it might be one of the options to be considered.

The guy in this video is a bit of a nut case and seems to be a liberal but try to look past that and just take in the info. The video does a good job on showing how much can be achieved with hydrogen and simpler DIY hydrogen units can be made for smaller application.


I did not cover the wind turbine aspect here solely for the reason I’m not sure if I will make on or buy one. But it will get done and I will share that as well at a later date.. If any of you in the group are interested in any of these projects let me know.

Comments are always welcome. Like and share this.I could use the help getting the word out.

2 thoughts on “Contingency Project For Your Off The Grid Power Needs

  1. A lot on the info. What you have here has not been used for many years some from WW II and i know that a lot of this info. has been lost or people just don’t think about today or don’t even know a thing about how power was made years ago. I think this will start people to think more on different ways to make power today as you have just showed here thanks for all the hard work you keep on putting in i know it will only end up helping more people.

    • Thanks Jim! It was a lot of research but I did not do it all at once. I’ve been looking into emergency power stuff for years but just recently formulating a plan. I hope it help the group and the readers.

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