Bug Out Bags Are For Sissy’s !

Bug Out  Bags and the contents their in are for Sissy’s and any other name you can come up with. Young, Old or someplace in between. The BOB Bag is for everyone!

I know you thought I was talking about wimp’s but the title actually came from the name of a old girl friend that had a Bug Out Bag but back then she called it a Get Out Of Dodge Bag. Which was a popular name  for Bug Out Bag back in the day.

If you are thinking about getting a Bug Out Bag, start thinking of one for each member of the family. The Bug Out Bag is for the manly and it’s for the old. It’s even for the Bully down the street, well not so much for the Bully they are just more trouble than they are worth. If society collapses you may find that a lot of them will be taken out by a Sissy with a good aim.

God made Man but Samuel Colt made them equal.

So get started on your B.O. B. sooner is better than later!

Editors Note;

This article was meant to get your attention and hopefully get you started as a Prepper. You can buy your Bug Out Bag Contents here from sources on this site or any number of other sites on the web. Most everything you will have on your Bug Out List you can get in your local area. I just find it less  a hassle, traffic, traffic lights, traffic dumbies, ect its just easier. Many time no tax and free shipping can save a lot of money as well.

Please browse the pages of this site, follow the links I have provided. They will be of help to the newbie Preppers among you as well as the not so new Survivalist.


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