An Optional Strategy For The Newbie Preppers Lists

Prepper Lists Are All About The Options

More often than not, every Prepper has a list for him or her to rely upon when it comes to the specific stuff he or she needs to bring. However, a Prepper list greatly varies from one person to another. There are several reasons for this, including their specific location, their climate, the length of time they have been prepping, their financial capacity, and their family needs.

Usually, people who are relatively new to Prepping have the tendency to include a whole lot of stuff in their Prepper list. This would normally lead them to an unplanned purchase of things that do not really undergo a great deal of thought as to whether or not those things are really necessary.

A specific way to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed is to have a right start.

1.       Spend an ample amount of time doing an honest budget in order for you to know your financial capacity and if there are any funds you can spare. I am usually comfortable to do my budget on a spreadsheet, but you can also use a planner. I am always aware of the significant dates to remember such as the dates when income is due as well as the dates when expenditures like car registration and insurance will due. To have things done this particular way, I can easily follow the same pattern for next year’s use with a little bit of tweaking as needed. I can also easily avoid spending a large amount of money precisely because I am aware that I have to pay the car registration the following month. Also, I will know where an amount can be saved by looking for alternative suppliers or doing away with unnecessary stuff. And lastly, I am fully aware that I have covered all the bills and any additional items I want to have will be purchased from other financial sources.

And of course, I am aware of the amount of money left to be spent for my prepper list.

In your first attempt to do this it will be fully understandable if your spreadsheet will undergo a little jiggling and a process of subsidizing a few things until such time that everything will go smooth.

2.       After the process of sorting out your budget, the next step will be to carefully go through your house, shed, yard, and cupboard corner by corner, piece by piece and make a list of every piece of item that you own as well as their quantities even right down to a single toothbrush in use. This process will actually take a considerable amount of time and will most probably surprise you when a lot of your long lost treasures would finally turn up. Do not forget to include those things you already consider as junks. Just include them on your list without sorting them out.

 5.11 Multicam Rush 72 Pack3.       After that particular tedious job is done you may now proceed to make a sense of the situation of your preparedness on your master list. Do this on a piece of paper. You can try to group your stuff accordingly so that you will, for example, know that you have 1 piece of used toothbrush and three pieces unopened ones.

4.       The next step will be to begin comparing your own master list with the list of JWR. Just do not feel a little disappointed when you see some things that you do not have. Once again let me remind you that situations are unique from each other and that The List is not meant to prescribe but to simply guide. Take as an example the fact that because of the laws in Australia I cannot have guns, and so I really have to upgrade my security in some other ways. Also, if I am an older woman who is living alone I do not need to have a baby gear, and in place for that I can probably sew, knit, or perhaps crochet which are actually considered as great bartering skills.

5.     For the following section I will have to assume that you do not have an access to unlimited amount of money.

This time, you will have to make a review of your own master list and try to highlight the stuff that has accumulated through the years which you consider unnecessary for you to easily distinguish them from those stuff you need or want to keep. Have your highlights compared with The List and then do something to dispose of those unnecessary items in exchange of cash preferably so that you can use the money to buy the necessary items found in your prepper list. There are actually a lot of ways to dispose them. You may have a garage sale, or have ads in your local paper, or swap them for some things you need or want. You can also try selling them on eBay or perhaps even baby sit for a few hours in exchange for a couple of jars of pickled goods.

Try to go back to your list of junk items and begin to sort them.

You may get rid of them if you find them truly pieces of trash. However, be open-minded about the possible alternative functions of those items. For instance, I used to have sheets that are really thin and some of them are even torn out that they cannot be used on the beds. However, I still saved them because I can use them as bandages or some sort of things. At the back of my yard I have several lengths of salvaged timber, pieces of corrugated sheet steel, and heaps of red bricks which I still kept for possible future projects.

6.       The task of preparing your retreat or home is definitely a much larger task than simply seeing to it that there are some extra tins of beams that can be used. You can always have access to a lot of very useful information over the internet or in the archives.

The best way is still to make up a list. If you cannot do a critical appraisal of your home on your own, you can try to look for a knowledgeable friend to assist you. You can easily decide which things to tackle first once you already have the list which include writing down both the good and bad points. To avoid more expensive and messy tasks, you do not have to do everything at once. It would also be a great help for you if you try to think ahead. Say for instance, if I am going to put this water tank at this particular space, will this most probably obstruct my view of any intruders?

Taurus Pro7.       Salvaging. We often call this “shopping at the tip.” Unfortunately, our rubbish dump- our local tip- was closed because our council has change to Waste Management. Just the same, if you have access to a recycling center of some sort or a tip or a salvage yard, these are great places to acquire or buy certain items using a very little amount of cash, and chicken run will practically cost you nothing. Remember, one prepper’s line is: ”Never pay full price for anything.”

8.       It will be up to you what to prioritize when you spend your money. Once again, please take note that priorities may greatly vary from one person to another. My preference is to save up if necessary and purchase something that will last for a long time rather than have the items replaced every now and then. Take this particular instance, I was particularly annoyed in having to replace tomato stakes once every year or two, so what I did last year was I bought several lengths of steel and had them cut to specific lengths and also had chisel points on them. I am sure they will really last this time.

9.       Normally, food supplies and shopping tend to appear very important on every one’s prepper list and would consume a large part of your disposable cash. I really do not have to go over it again as I understand that on this particular subject so much has already been written. Just try to buy an extra item or two in each shopping trip you do. Right now, I am at this stage where I begin thinking, “If in six months time all shops would suddenly close, what specific things would I be running of?” As of now, the answer is cream, veterinary cat food, and butter. I received instructions that I have to use canning butter in order for me to get busy, it would be all right for my hips without cream, and I will have to shop more on cat food. Aside from that, I will only have to maintain staples shopping every month for my stash.

10.   You may try to have a critical view at some particular items you are very comfortable living with every single day and start to prepare for a sort of a ruthless realization. Is a giant television really a need for you? Are all those kitchen gadgets you bought simply out of very convincing and yet equally exaggerated advertisements really important? Will they still be very helpful to you in the event that the system breaks down and you really have to bug out and do away with them? If you dispose of those items right now, they will surely be worth several dollars. In anticipating a worst case disaster, however, they are for sure worthy no more.

I therefore strongly recommend that you begin to live a simple lifestyle and begin to avoid clutters in your life.

11.   And lastly, be fully aware of the kind of life you are living each day. What are those particular items you are using every day and are you preparing one or two backups? It is definitely absurd having a storeroom full of tins and a single can opener which is broken.

You can use a certain amount of the money that you were able to make out of your garage sale to acquire some non-electrical items that you can easily find on other garage sales or at op shops. You can actually find a lot of things that might be in your prepper list in those kinds of places. Do not anymore worry if this particular thing is blue and it does not match with your green kitchen. The most important thing to consider after all is that it must really work and you really need it.

I just really do hope that this piece of article has been a lot helpful in providing important information most especially to those new in creating prepper list. I truly hope that out of this article you can make a whole lot of improvements in you as a prepper.

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