American Preppers Have It Made

Yes American Preppers Have It Made

Not a problem for Preppers

I am one of the many American Preppers! To be more specific I am a Texas Prepper that has been prepping for many years but more intensely the past 5 years. American Preppers have grown many fold in the last 5 years but it is hard to put a number on just how many Preppers are in the USA. I’ve read 1% and I have read 5% of the US population are now Prepping. I doubt anyone can put a number on how many Preppers their are as so many of them don’t talk about it with other people. Some because they are afraid of what people might think and some because they worry about what scared people might do  if SHTF.

I was in my office thinking what Preppers do in other counties. I was sure most prepared like we do and I was right with some differences that are not worth going into at this time but I did notice one thing that got my attention. American Preppers have it made compared to many countries, our income is much higher than a lot of counties, not all but we have incomes that make it possible to acquire survival supplies many time faster than other less fortunate people around the world. One guy I came across was so proud of his Prepper Pantry that had 1 year of food supplies. He said it took him 5 years to collect it all and stated he was in the middle class in his country and thought he was about average on disposable income. I found many stories that compared closely to his from many countries which led to this post.

Yes American Preppers have it made especially when we put our minds and money to work.We can jump on the net with ease to research Prepper survival information, Preppers supplies, Prepper blogs (like this one), Preppers network and even Prepper  Dating. Really Prepper dating!!

Yes American Preppers have it made, lets just hope we are prepping for something that will never come.

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