37 Odd Items For Long Term Prepping

Antique Sewing MachineSo you have your water, your Food your Shelter and the normal items Prepper stock up on but here is a list of oddball items you just might not have thought of. I also bet you can find some things I have left off the list but you have to stop some place so I’m stopping at 100 oddball item to stock up on before SHTF.

I’ve said it in the past and will say it again, Prepping for survival is a never ending thing so I’m going to do my be to make sure you have a list that keeps on giving.

The more Preps you have the stronger position you’ll be in if SHTF.

As always get the most important stuff first and as your budget allows you can items from this Preppers list.

Oddball items for your Preppers List.

1. Cloth diapers – handy for many reasons. washcloth. dishcloth even bandages.

2.The old fashion Manual egg/batter beaters – yes you can use a whisks, but the old-fashioned egg beater comes in handy for more than just eggs.

3. Goggles – safety googles can be useful, get hurt in bad times can be a very hazardes situation. Safety is even more important in these times.

4. Solar powered fencing – You may not have livestock  now but you might acquire some and electric fencing is the easiest to put into place. I plan to use mine for tempory fencing while I build more permanent fencing.

5. Canes – Thing happen and a few Canes the adjustable ones are preferable.

6. Planting pots for starting seedlings. If your into gardening and you should be. If you don’t know how it’s time to learn. Don’t wait until you have to. Their is more to gardening than just planting seed and watering them.

7. Shoe and boot laces – I like leather laces but not for all my shoe so I buy some of the cheaper laces and put them away. Personnel use or for Bart laces are a great item to stock up on.

8. Fence posts – Great for fencing and gardening but I have a few put away to help strengthen doors if needed. You can probably find other uses as well.

9. Barbed wire and chicken wire. Barbed wire can be used for defensive purposes like around your home or along existing fence lines. If you have chickens, rabbits or other small animal you may need to add more room for them as the populations grows. Fencing off you garden and a host of other useful purposes.

11. Metal rulers are good and they last longer than wood one’s. Get then in a few different sizes.

12. Barometer and learn how to use it or something that tells you how. It is a good tool for weather forecasting.

13. Candle molds and a double boiler for melting wax you can melt wax without the boiler but its easier with one.

14. Diaper pins – Not just handy for the obvious reasons but for lots of things. First aid come to mind.

16. Garden hose repair kit – If you work in your yard much you know how long they last. We are talking about long term preps.

17. Cheesecloth – Yes great for making cheese but used in canning as well.

18. Swim goggles – Might come in handy if you live near water.

19. Room thermometers may or may not be neede but I’m including them.

20. Clothesline and wooden clothespins. Even if you have a back-up power supply it would not be smart to use it on drying clothes

21. Lighter flints for refillable lighters you don’t have to be a smoker to know these items are useful.

22. Canvas shopping bags – These handy items will get a lot of use.

23. Manual Posthole Digger – In the long run you might need to add fencing. Luckily I have some young men in my Prepper group so they can do the digging.

24. Corn Huskers, Apple Peelers, Pea Sheller’s along with Corers, etc. I remember my grand parents using them and I use them all frequently.

25. Chalk and Blackboards. You still will want to school your kids. Paper will be hard to come by so don’t waste it. You may be teaching some of your skills to other in the group. The chalkboard is still a great way to share with a group.

26. Eyeglass repair kits – You can find small kits easily. I found a sell on generic reading glasses, 5 for $10. I only need reading glasses but if you wear them all the time you might get a couple of extra’s.

27. Mop wringer – Not just for floors but clothes washing as well.

28. Manual juicers – I prefer the metal one’s  plastic just won’t hold up over time and the glass one’s break.

29. Measuring cups –  The same goes here. I like the metal one’s.

30. Measuring spoons –  Here we are again. I like the metal one’s

31. Stovetop popcorn popper – If SHTF do you really want to go without popcorn!!

32. Leather punch – Their have many uses but you will probably loss weight and have need to adjust your belt.

33. Microscope and slides – first thing that come into mind is identifying problems in the garden.

34. Manual hair clippers – For human and animal that is unless you want really long hair which is hard to maintain.

35. Sewing patterns –  better to have them ahead of time and learn how to sew if you don’t already.

36. Manual Sewing machine – Take it from me you really don’t want to sew by hand on big jobs. You could go into business.

37. Wind up clocks – Keeping track of time might not sound important but it is.


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