Preppers Portable Power Generator Considerations

Consider these thing before you crank that generator up.


Prepper Emergency Power.

Preppers the power is out and your portable power generator is waiting for you to crank it up. Lets hope you stored it properly. You know stored it with no fuel, some even run some fuel stabilizer. When I purchase a new generator I run it with a load for a few minutes before I drain the fuel and store it.

Here are a few things Preppers should consider.
If you are going to back feed power from your generator into a receptacle in your home be sure to shut off the main power feed ( main circuit breaker ) in to your home first. I also have gone through my home and figured out what receptacles I will be using and for what purpose. I had to add a 220 outlet to accomplish my goal. Turn off all other breakers you will not be using. If you don’t tern off the main you could cause a voltage feedback problem when the power comes back on.
Don’t run your generator in your home or garage Carbon monoxide will find its way into your living area and it does kill, it is a colorless, odorless killer. I have seen a couple of people either build a in closer in the garage as well as out that exhausts to the outside. This is fine if you know it will not leak into your home. My generators are in a small shed out side and bolted down. Thefts love to target these handle items.
Never re-fuel you engine while running or hot. This includes diesel, although diesel is safer than gas it is still a dangerous thing to do. The wise Prepper  will avoid danger whenever possible, survival is after all the purpose of being Prepper in the first place. Risky moves could destroy you and your families chance of survival.
Solar Power for Preppers

Solar Power for Preppers

Use your generator sparingly. You never know just how long you will need the power and as of this date I know no Prepper that can store enough fuel for a in-definite period of time. Only get generators that will produce enough power for what you need. I have seen many people get large one’s that are many time the size required. Bigger is better right? Not in a emergency. it wastes fuel, oil and money best spent on a backup or other essential items. It might be wise to look into other power options as well. Solar and wind power come to mind.

Maintain your generator. A small one such as a 5000 watt unit will need the oil changed on average every 24 hrs. of run time. Smaller units more often, check your manual for your unit. Store extra oil and filters. The money spent on these items is well worth it and are not that expensive.

When power comes back to the grid, disconnect and turn your generator off. Then you can turn the main power to your home on. Don’t forget to drain the fuel before you store your generator and re-stock fuel, oil and filters. You may need it again sometime. Lets hope not but things happen.

It has taken years to get my back-up power in place but is was worth it. two small generators a few solar panels and a small wind generator. Being a well prepared Prepper is a time consuming way of life not to mention the money you spend but it is worth every bit of both. I am now looking to expand my power producing ability. Updates on my progress will be posted.

Portable Power Generator Maintenance  

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