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Portable Solar Emergency Power for Preppers – Homesteaders 

They call it SOLN1 and after following the evolution of this all in one solar panel emergency power. I think it is now at a place I can recommend it as a DIY solar power generator that is easy to build and in a price range worth considering. It won’t be the answer to all your power needs but it small, portable and powerful for its size. Its a all in one grab and go solar power generator.

SOLN1 Version 3

I originally was going to just share it with the Texas SRT (Self Reliance and Tactical) group we just formed. But I decided I should share it with my readers. So if you are looking for a DIY project this SOLN1 might be just what the Preppers ordered. Videos, plans and parts list below. Everything you need to complete the SOLN1 version 3 cost about $400 so its not the cheapest way to go but the end product is in my opinion worth the investment it to want a portable emergency power generator.

I found this at

SOL1 Version 3


SOLN! Version 3 backSOLN! Version 3 diagram

SOLN1 V3 parts list:

Digital RC Watt Meter $29.99

3/4” Universal Rubber Bumpers, Pack of 4 $2.89

JR Products 12591-5 Labeled 12V Black Switch – Pack of 5$13.32

ABS Textured Plastic Sheet 1/8 Thick x 12 x 24$7.25

Cobra CPI-150 Micro Port 150 Watt Power Inverter (Black)$21.18

C2G / Cables to Go 03137 18 AWG Outlet Saver Power Extension Cord NEMA 5-15R to NEMA 5-15P (1 Foot/0.30 Meters) Black$3.79

XT60 Connector Pairs – Pack of 5 pairs$3.19

You may find the prices vary and availability of the solar panel. You can probably find these items near you as well. I just put up the links to help yo out if you prefer buying online.


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