Prepper Solar Power On A Budget !

Starting your Prepper Solar Power Project on a budget.

I finally found myself at a point I felt its was time to take the backup-power to the next level. Lets not waste time going over just where I am with all my emergency supplies. But I will

Prepper Solar Back Up Power

Prepper Solar Back Up Power

share the fact I have propane and gasoline along with a generator and will be adding to then as well as all my other Prepper supplies, but we all know propane and gas just are not the total answer.

Sooner or later you will find its time to jump to the next level of emergency power and in my way of thinking a solar power project is the next step. I also plan on wind generation as well but this project will take my budget and time for quit some time. Even with my electrical knowledge and a lot of electrical supplies I’ve gathered over the year this solar power project will consume a lot of $$.  I will be doing this on a budget and in stages and I will share with you what I know, what I learn good or bad.

The first stage will cost me about $700 and about two months to buy and complete. Luckily enough I’m about one month into this process. I started this construction tonight and felt it was time to start posting about my progress.

The first thing I will share is don’t get in a rush and half ass it. Do it right the first time. Plan it out first, know just what your goals are.

Don’t go into debt, save up and buy with cash.

DIY Batery Back Up I found my self wanting to get started even though I had not planned it out well. I did catch myself. Sometimes I get to wanting sometime so bad I don’t think it through and it almost always cost me time and money. If you are on a budget as I am these mistakes just set you back and are better avoided.

Ok I’m getting to the details now and am stepping off my soap box. I started with a solar panel kit for the first step and will add batteries and a 12 v to 120 v power inverter as well and a grid tie inverter soon.  For now I have a 100 watt kit from Windy Nation which I purchased on Ebay for $179.00 including shipping. This is not a high quality panel but it does include a small charge controller and 40 feet of wire. This until will later be a portable solar unit and will not be part of my home solar power system.

Batteries and Grid Tie Inverters are next which I will share more information on in the next update on my off the grid solar power project. Before I go I would like to share my thoughts on trying to build your own solar panels. I looked into it and researched it for months and my conclusion is its just not worth the time and money. The failure rate and longevity of DIY solar panels compared to a new quality unit not to mention any mistake made by the do it yourself kind of person which I am one of puts it into the not worth it category. If you just want to do it yourself just to see if you can do it then by all means go ahead.

I also found it on Amazon

I hope to update soon and hope you will stop by and check up on my progress.

Update 12-1-2013

The photos are of my test area for new components. I had a couple of friends ask to see what I was up to, so I decided to share. This is only a test area and am in the process of collecting all the hardware I’m going to need. I will post a run down of what I have done up to now in a few day.

Update 12-190 2013

600 watt Grid Tie Inverter

600 watt Grid Tie Inverter

I got the Grid Tie Inverter online and had to wait for weather delay’s but it was only a couple of day’s delay. I ordered 2  Sun 600g 600 watt grid tie inverters at $130 each. One is hooked direct to the 2-100 watt solar panels and the other will be connected direct to battery bank. This is only temporary as soon as I get a few more components, I have changes in mind which I will share with you later.

2 thoughts on “Prepper Solar Power On A Budget !

  1. Great start! Can’t wait to see your progress. Keep updating!

    • I have tow 600 watt Grid Tie Inverters ordered and another solar panel I ordered today. Kind of feel like a kid waiting for Christmas but I only have to wait about 10 days. Still have a long way to go but like you said its a good start.

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