Powerfilm Roll Up Solar Power For The Mobile Prepper

Power Up Your Bug Out With Powerfilm Roll Up Solar Power

Here is an innovative product from Powerfilm which will definitely prove to be very useful for Preppers. I assure you, this product would surely be a very significant addition to your emergency pack. As you may have noticed, most, if not all, bug out bag lists that you can easily browse over the internet lacks a thing or two. This may be due to the fact that bug out bag contents will have to be different from one person to another because of unique personal needs and wants. However, there is one very important thing they all lack- a source of power.

Powerfilm has discovered a clever way to address such a concern. Their portable power systems provide you a very handy source of power especially needed during emergency situations. More often than not, when disasters strike the power supply will be seriously affected. And worse, when there is a need for you to bug out to a much safer area, you should never expect any power supply. That is why you are always advised to include in your bug out bag several extra batteries for your battery-powered gears. But what about your cell phones, GPS, and other items that need to be charged? What if your extra batteries will not work?

This is where Powerfilm’s foldable and rollable chargers are very useful. These very thin, durable, and rugged amorphous silicon solar cells allow you to charge batteries, cell phones, iPods, laptops, GPS, and other electronic devices. And the good thing about these solar chargers is that they resist point damage. They can still serve you well even if wet or a section of it has been damaged. Lightweight and compact, Powerfilm’s rollable and foldable solar chargers  do not consume much space, much less add more weight, to your bug out bag.

Powerfilm’s foldable and rollable solar chargers vary. They have a wide set of choices for you to select from depending on your desired operating voltage and wattage. You should also consider the size of your electronic devices you are bringing with you. Whether you go for foldable or rollable, you are guaranteed of flexible solar chargers that can perform pretty well even in low light. They also come with accessories.

Their solar chargers offer wattage from as low as 1.5 to 60 with operating voltage from 5.0 to 15.4. If you are bringing with you USB devices such as iPods, smart phones, cell phones and the like, you can have their USB+AA solar chargers. They also have AA solar chargers for your AA batteries. Or if you have medium to large electronic devices such as portable fans, portable televisions, laptops, electric inverters, and the like, you may choose from their F15-300N, F15-600, F15-1200, F15-1800, and F15-3600 solar chargers.

These extremely durable and lightweight solar chargers will complete your bug out bag from your basic needs up to the more advanced ones. The most important thing, after all, when it comes to prepping or disaster preparation is to come up with a bag or pack that keeps you alive no matter how difficult the situation may be. Whatever the circumstances, your bug out bag should keep you going. When prepping, expect the worse and prepare for it. It is much better to end up having extra items than falling short of it and fail to survive.

Thanks to Powerfilm, your power source need is well taken care of anytime, anywhere.

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