Watumpka Police Dept. D.A. and Judge Don’t Care About 1st Amend.

Watumpka Police Dept. The D.A. and A judge are corrupt and don’t care about first Amend. Corruption compounded by more corruption!!

It all started a couple of day’s ago when a activist / journalist that goes by the name of Bama Camera stopped by the Watumpka Police Dept. in Alabama. While working on a story and participating in his 1st amend. right he was approached and I will use the word assaulted by Watumpka P.D.. I will us the word assaulted because his camera was taken from him and turned off. He was not detained and was accused of nothing. The officer just did not like him filming.

The officer announced he did not care about the 1st. amendment and demanded answers of the journalist for doing nothing illegal. The video below say’s it all.

The story does not end here. A group of activist participated in a call to action in which phone calls were made to enlighten this P.D. of how we felt about the contempt in which they had for the First Amendment.

Wait it’s still not over. The Wetumpka Police Department (Alabama). is not finished yet. Instead of making changes to prevent this kind of tyranny from happening again they had Keith Golden of Bama Camera arrested. That code describes interference with “their” communications equipment used for public safety messages, IE their dispatch radios or their phone when used to communicate between themselves.


May be Wetumpka Alabama is the place for activist from all over to make a stand. Is it not corrupt P.D’s like this that stand in the way of most if not all kinds of activist in this country? You can find updates when they come at Bama Camera or News Now Houston on YouTube.


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  1. have some of the same type actions taken against me..im doing a restoration project for a local church that has rented a bldg from the city. i have been badgered, questioned, followed, threatened by the mayor with his son the fire chief beside him along with a police escort whom happened to be the same officer that pulled his pistol on my dog while on a leash because the officer tried too sneak up on me while i was repairing the fence that was falling a few months before . altho i had a socket set and a electrical extension chord and a four foot double bulb light repairing the fence around 8pm he said i was thought to be an intruder and when he walked into my dogs path with a leash that stop at the fenced in area he was so spooked he drew his firearm and i can assure you if i wouldnt have screamed dont shot my sons dog he would have been dead..afer that i get a loud bang on the front door this time the reason the mayor decided to visit with his posse was because about 10 minutes earlier while letting an employee inside the gate this rather healthy fire chief decided to just pulll on up to the gate while i was locking and proceeded to ask me questions. like is this a furniture store,, well what are yall doing in there then..i told him that not really any concern of his im a busy man and ive been asked this by nearly every officer in wetumpka…i then ask him was the building under investigation or was he a police officer.. well that didnt sit well with him altho this was a friday night and he was just riding around in a city vehicle in his shorts looking for something to get int..well when he didnt like my impatience he quickly call daddy mayor.. tonight was the final straw, while my employee was locking the gate he was met head on by the fire chief that happened to be parked right at the gate.. he flew up to the rearof my truck that my helper was driving and proceeded to follow him seversl blocks as my helper did as i ask and drove in circles to make sure he was following..pure harassment that needs to be stopped..would appreciate some guidance on what to do..

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