Uvalde School Bus Crash

School Bus Crash Near Uvalbe Texas

Airlife Coverage

A school bus crashed near Uvalde Tx. First report is Airlife in route with reports of 2 injuries. I have to assume at this time that the injuries are serious. This is just preliminary report and will fill you in as I get more information on the crash of a school bus nears Uvalde Tx.

Update: It is being reported that the bus has turn over but I am not getting anything more on the injuries or cause or even what school the Bus is from.

Laredo ISD School Bus

update: Uvalde School Bus Crash Bus has been identified as a Laredo ISD and rolled over South of Uvalde.

Update Airlife has confirmed it has 3 aircraft on the scene  The accident took place on FM 140 which is south of Uvalde.

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