Torture At Randolph AFB From The Beginning.

The story of torture at Randolph AFB. I had no ideal my short encounter with the MP whileBrashears The Torturer! doing a first amendment audit at Randolph AFB would lead into. I know I did a bad job on my first investigative journalist attempt that actually led to a encounter but that’s not the topic of this article. The story is about officer Brashears torturing a reporter while on public accessible land outside the main gate just outside of the visitors center.

Brashears who I think is a rent a cop for Randolph illegally detained the photographer for not identifying his self. Failure to ID is a secondary offence. Only after you are arrested can that charge be brought. Brashers kidnaped, imprisoned, and tortured the journalist for participating in this 1st amendment right. No law was broken here accept for officer Brashers offences. He should be arrested charged and lose his badge forever.

This offence took place over the 4th of July weekend.

The beginning! I had no idea what this would lead up to.

The Follow Up

The second follow up. Brashears The Torturer!!

This is a public accessible area built for the public to access the information building. No no trespassing signs, no no videoing signs. Any one that reads 18 U.S. Code 795 would know it has no bearing on this incident.

18 U.S. Code 795

Whenever, in the interests of national defense, the President defines certain vital military and naval installations or equipment as requiring protection against the general dissemination of information relative thereto, it shall be unlawful to make any photograph, sketch, picture, drawing, map, or graphical representation of such vital military and naval installations or equipment without first obtaining permission of the commanding officer of the military or naval post, camp, or station, or naval vessels, military and naval aircraft, and any separate military or naval command concerned, or higher authority, and promptly submitting the product obtained to such commanding officer or higher authority for censorship or such other action as he may deem necessary.

This story is not over. To be continued as it develops.

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