Texas constable assaults photographer! Illegal finger print scanner used. Deprivation of right.

Constables Pct 6 Harris County Houston Tx. now forcing finger prints on law abiding citizens. You will be physically assaulted it you do not comply.

Training Deputy Constable Soto and Rookie Deputy Tippin of precinct 6 Harris County Houston Tx. assaulted a well known photographer and reporter David Warden of News

Nazi Pig Of The Month

Nazi Pig Of The Month

Now Houston. His only crime according to Soto was legally photographing from public property. Yes I said legally, not a Type O. Any thing you can see from a public space can be photographed / videoed. This has been upheld many times by the courts. It’s a 1st amendment right.

According to Soto, photography is a suspicious activity. Suspicion is neither a misdemeanor or a felony and is not a legal reason to detain. Investigating a legal act is as well not a legal reason to detain. I’ve pointed this next fact in other articles but I feel compelled to re-state it here. It is important to this story. Texas is not I repeat not a stop and Identify state. In Texas you do not have to ID yourself unless you are legally under arrest. No matter what the officer say’s.

You will see Soto who I hesitate to use the title Deputy or Officer because it is degrading other fine officer to has Soto’s name associated with it. I digress so I will get back to the point. Soto threatens Mr. Warden with arrest for failure to ID but you will notice he does not follow though. As with many officers they lie to you to intimidate but usually back down when someone is not intimidated. Most officers know it would be false arrest and would rather not step that deep into it.

David was on a public sidewalk on 8/17/2016 near ECOSERVICES in Pct. 6 Harris county Houston Tx. when Mr. Soto aggressively contacted Mr. Warden stating grounds of suspicious activity and investigation of a complaint. A complaint of legal activity. You will see that Mr. Soto of Pct 6 did not investigate but he did secede in depriving David of his 1st amendment, 2nd amendment and 4th amendment right. Soto and Tippin illegally detained, handcuff and then proceeded to physically assaulted Mr. Warden in order to illegally obtain prints from a portable finger print scanner.

Soto is a prime example of hear the hate, and of a corrupt cop that thinks he can do what he wants when he wants and not face any disciplinary action or charges. At this time it look like he might get away with this because his boss Constable Heliodoro Martinez seems to be as corrupt as Soto. Soto is also the training officer which seems to be the way of things in most corrupt law enforcement agencies. We have seen it time and time again that the most corrupt of the bunch is either the chief or the TO.

What does all this mean? Well according to Pct 6 Houston Tx. they can walk up to anyone and demand ID for any reason and force them on you with psychical pain. You can’t get much more Nazi than that. I wonder how long it will be before Pct 6 starts building gas chambers?

David who was conducting a 1st Amendment Audit which is done hoping to see police officers and Police Departments doing their jobs correctly and upholding the constitution all to often finds corrupt cops backed by corrupt PD’s. Remember photography is not a crime and just because cops don’t like it does not mean they can go around jacking people up over it.

Original Video: Tyrant Alert=Call To Action 8-22-16

News Now Houston YouTube Channel

Article by P and P News


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