Temple News: Women files complaint over 15 year old son arrested.

Temple woman accuses Temple police of excessive force used on 15 year old. 

Temple Courthouse

A complaint was filed by Temple woman after her son’s arrest on 5-18-2013 Complaint sited excessive force was used when Temple police allegedly fractured the young man’s clavicle.

” The arrest report for Lorenzo Martinez on charges of resisting arrest was not available at 2:39 Pm. Friday because no one was available at the police department to research why the incident had not been included in the May 18 police report.”

“I very strongly believe that the situation should have been handled more properly being that these men are supposed to be well-trained professionals and my son is only 15 years old and used no force against them,” Elsa Martinez’s written complaint says. Police falsely accused her son of theft, she claims. see the full story.

Allegations don’t mean guilt but the Temple police department has received a bad reputation recently after Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham  was arrested for committing a legal act.  The arrest has prompted a demonstration and March in Temple Tx. called the Come And Take It Temple! Armed March!

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