Tattoos are now a crime in Austin TX. so say’s Austin PD

Austin Tx PD say’s if you have Tattoos you will be detained stripped and photographed.

The Austin Tx. police department say’s if you have tattoos they will illegally detain you, strip you, search you and photograph you. If you do not comply they will arrest you and use force to obtain the photo’s. They will do this even if not being charged for a crime or violation.

In this video you will see Cody King who has been pulled over by Austin PD while on his way to school. Complete corruption in the Austin PD leads to this kind of illegal and un-constitutional behavior. With no charges and no arrest they will strip you down in public and take pictures of your body. How many way’s is this wrong.

I have no Tats and don’t ride but I can see how this kind of illegal activity if left un-checked could be a major threat to our freedom. This kind of corruption could be expanded into many other facets of our lives. Cody have no criminal record.

He was detained for no legal reason and told he could not have a lawyer. When the stop exceded the reasonable time frame for issuing a ticket, the stop is then unreasonable seizure under the 4th amendment. The second the cop said he was not being issued a ticket the stop should have ended and Cody free to go.

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Some comments from My Youtube channel:

I just don’t understand under what authority these cops can take pictures of this guy’s Tattoos??? If he is not on parole or probation(I don’t agree with some of these rules either as far as probation goes[different story]) or he is not committing, about to commit, or in the planning stage of committing a crime, then this is an unlawful act by these cops. Even if the county, town, city, or what have you have a written rule, ordinance or local law supporting the pig behavior, this act by the cops is fn wrong. I hope this guy gets a huge settlement or just kicks their ass in court over this BS.

In phoenix did a version of this! The Feds eventually stepped in far too late which is what is going to happen in Austin Texas. It’s the Police Chief that needs to go to Federal Prison along with his minions who are obeying these unlawful orders. This Department should be thrown under the bus and flushed down the toilet.

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