Shell Think Policy Trumps Constitution.

Hey Shell Corp. Your policy don’t mean jack. Get over it, you just got schooled.

Houston,Tx.-Shell Technology Center gets schooled by 1st amendment auditor David from News Now Houston Youtube channel. For some reason Shell keeps making the same stupid moves against people videoing. Shell seems to think their policy is enforce outside of their property lines. They just can’t get it through their thick heads that Shell policy does not trump law or the constitution. Notice to Shell Corp. we don’t care what your policy is so get over it or we will just keep showing thousands of people just what kind of ass’es you are.

The Shell Corp. has gone so far as to bribe off duty cops to arrest David for videoing in the past. Even with bribery plus illegal detention and arrest no one has been held accountable because Shell has the Deer Park police dept. paid off. But that is a different story. This story is about Houston,Tx.-Shell Technology Center. Even after the local PD explains no law has been broken the security personnel keep harassing and threatening David. I guess a low IQ is mandatory for a job at Shell on the security force.

To work as Shell security you must also be rude asshole and a liar as well. This is proven in the video. As we all know video does not lie and these idiot aren’t even smart enough to act civil. Hope you enjoy watching idiots making fools of themselves because these idiot do and good job of it.

Some comments from News Now Houston Youtube channel.

I hope they saw this video Dave to see how pathetically stupid they look!!! Miss Grumpy potato sack and Mr. Tight pants dumb-ass! lol

News Now Houston. As a retired law enforcement officer, I just wanted to say I respect the way you do your audits. I watch a lot of Cop blockers and you Sir do a great job! Big thumbs up for not being disrespectful unless disrespected.

I admire your restraint when faced with such ignorance. It’s also obvious by watching you that your confidence is very high and that is very important. You know the law, and you know what you can and cannot do, and you articulate it very well. Your sense of humor is much appreciated, too. Good job by the officer, for sure. He handled it very well.

For more 1st Amendment Audits and Open Carry videos visit  P and P News on Youtube.

PS. Shell here’s a hint !! Photography Is Not A Crime no matter what your policy say’s.

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