School Principal Tickets Parents For Walking Kids To School! Parents To Stupid!

School principal say’s parents to stupid the walk kids to school. Principal Holly Ray

From Magnolia, TX. : Walking your child to school in Magnolia, Tx. will now end in you being extorted through fines and possibly even jail time thanks to a new policy implemented by the school’s principal. Bear Branch Elementary School parents have done some hard learning since the  year began about the American police state after they were told they will be charged with trespassing for walking their own children onto school property grounds.

Principal Holly Ray is playing games with trespass law and the corrupt Sheriffs dept. is going along with it. County sheriff are supposed to be the guardians of the constitution and laws but not here. Both should be sued and fired for their actions as well as the school district. Make a example out of them so no other Hitler type principal will dare try this kind of unlawful action again.

“She’s threatening to arrest people,” said Wendy Jarman to FOX 26 about principal, Holly Ray — and she’s correct. Since the beginning of the year, multiple parents have been cited, threatened with charges, and threatened with arrest for the entirely ordinary act of dropping off their kids at school.

Principal Ray is getting much deserved negative publicity for her new policy, but she has no plans of changing it and has the corrupt cops to back her up. The newly enacted policy is enforced by Montgomery County Constables. This is the place the sheriff should step in and correct this matter.

I would think it would be a simple matter to just walk your child to the property line and watch them enter the school. But the simple matter is we have some public servants that need to be taught a lesson from we the people.


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