San Antonio PD Property Room Lie’s And Scams For Cash: 1st Amendment Audit

1st Amendment Audit Reveals Scams And lies At SAPD Property Room!

If you are arrested in San Antonio by the SAPD it is a good bet you will be scammed out of $25 cash just to retrieve your own property for the property room. From what we can tell it has been going on for a long time. It is in my opinion that only taking cash is a sure way to insure corruption is profitable for the employee’s that work at this location.

Along with this scam another questionable policy is in place. If your gun is confiscated you have to come back twice. Once for you gun and on another day you can pick up your ammo. Thus guarantying a supply of free ammo to employees. Question how many of you will take off work to pick up a few rounds along with a second trip down town.

Now back to the $25 ransom on your own property. When your case is dropped or you when your case you are entitled to recover your $25 but SAPD throws road blocks to make it difficult and again how much trouble will most people go thru for 25 bucks. SAPD knows this and that is part of the scam. A note I have of this date not found any evidence that the cash from this scam has ever been audited.

This story does not stop here. A pone retrieval of your property if you wish to video it for evidence of damage you are thrown out. A sign is in place outside saying no video or photographs. Which in itself is illegal. This property room is a public building and is public access. Which makes it legal and part one your 1st amendment rights. The sign also states to get permission from the PIO office. Our investigation turned up the fact that not only did the PIO not now of the sign the district attorneys office was not aware of it. More evidence of corruption at SAPDย property room? I think so. Photography Is Not A Crime!

Our team tried twice to address the issue by asking to speak to a supervisor. Both time they stated a super would be out to talk to us and both times instead they called the cops to throw us out. I’ll ask you does it seem they are hiding something? Like maybe they are corrupt and used to having things their way. Personally I think so and we are going to fix this corruption at the SAPD property room.

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