Kieth Byers FBI Terrorist.

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One thought on “Kieth Byers FBI Terrorist.

  1. His favorite thing to do is target people he feels are guilty of a crime and persistently try to entrap them. This person falsifies FOIA request to the DOJ. Conducts covert attacks against U.S. Citizens by conduct demoralizing Gang Stalking. Conducts entrapment operations of targeted individuals for years at a time. Denies people the right of Legal Counsel. Conducts Searches without warrants. Performs intimidation tactics. Misuses his authority to seize packages at UPS without a warrant. Organizes road attacks to make people commit acts of road rage. Keeps no records of his action to avoid being prosecuted. The fact that his previous boss Douglas E. Lindquist let him do these things should be a sign that he was in on it too.

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