Introducing Kieth Byers FBI Agent El Paso Tx. Terrorist Or Just A Tyrant?

Is Kieth Byers of El Paso Tx. FBI a tyrant a terrorist or just a ass that does not know is job.

On April 20 2017 Agent Kieth Byers of the El Paso Tx FBI assaulted a journalist injuring the journalist shoulder and handcuffing him for participating in a 1st amendment protected activity. The journalist was David Warden from the Youtube channel News Now Houston. David is a 1st amendment auditor and is used to police and federal agents over stepping their authority or just plan ignoring laws and the constitution. In this case I have not seen a case of inept, incompetent, immoral and illegal action such as the one’s agent Kieth Byers exhibited on this day.

I am not going to go into a lot of detail and will just let the videos tell the story. But in my opinion Kieth Byers should be charged and arrested for assaulting David. Assault is just one of the charges he could be arrested for but we know the local law will do nothing and in fact wrote David a ticket for disturbing the peace because he yelled when Byers attached him.

One more thing! These agents of the Gestapo other wise none as the FBI El Paso have no legal right to touch, handcuff or stop David from videoing from a public place. This has been upheld many times by the courts. It is a 1st amendment protected activity and is a crime to even stop someone from doing so.

Tyrant Alert Video from P and P News on Youtube

El Paso,Tx-FBI Assault Crime=Photography

One thought on “Introducing Kieth Byers FBI Agent El Paso Tx. Terrorist Or Just A Tyrant?

  1. Keith Byers and all of the other agents should be charged under Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241. If the 45 minutes in handcuffs equals kidnapping the death penalty applies !

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