Interview Murdoch Pizgatti The Man Behind The COME AND TAKE IT TEMPLE! -Open Carry March

Politics and Preppers interview’s the man behind the Come and that it Temple march.

March on TempleLast night’s interview with Murdoch Pizgatti on Politics and Preppers was one of the most enjoyable podcast I’ve done in years. I have not done a interview on this show since I started it but did many on a earlier podcast I did some years ago. Mr. Pizgatti, Al, Mike and myself discussed the COME AND TAKE IT TEMPLE! -Open Carry March , Master Sgt. CJ Grisham’s illegal arrest by the Temple police we tried to answer as many questions people have been asking on both topics.

I won’t spend a lot of time writing about the show you can hear it yourself. One thing that I thought might be of interest of some future article might be why did the Judge on the case re-cuss himself with no real reason I can find to date.I suspect he might be up for re-election and cared more about that than justice. Its just my opinion but I am an expert on my opinion!

Find the interview at the top right sidebar or at Itunes. Its EPISODE 46

Helpful links:

Murdoch Pizgatti’s Facebook

My Facebook

Murdochs website Don’t Comply, here you can find some helpful links and more info about the march and why it is being held. They can use some help with funding so please help them out if you can.

Ps I would love to here comments so lets here them.

Update 5-24-2013 I decided to put the interview up on Youtube to get it out too as many people as possible. We need to spread the word.

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